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One Way Static Records’ ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ Vinyl/Cassette OST Available For Pre-Order

The resurgence of classic horror soundtracks arriving to beautiful vinyl is still going strong! Our friends over at One Way Static Records have unveiled a pre-order for the upcoming vinyl/cassette re-issue of The Hills Have Eyes, which was composed and performed by Don Peake. The vinyl will come in limited edition variants of amber/glow in the dark split vinyl and clear/solid amber splatter vinyl, each limited to 300 copies. There will also be a limited deluxe cassette edition, also only 300 copies. The black vinyl edition will be slightly easier to get your hands on with 1,400 copies being released. Pre-orders are being taken now through the official website.

Liner notes will include comments from actors Dee Wallace and Michael Barryman and more as well as comments from composer Peake himself.

Head on below to listen to some tracks and to see the official cover.



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