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[Random Cool] Awesome Mother Makes Jason Voorhees Doll For Son

It’s things like this that make me want to be a parent. Imgur/reddit user Prettigirl2203 has a kid named Thor that is a big fan of horror. And for this Christmas, Thor wanted a Jason Voorhees doll. However, Friday The 13th isn’t exactly known for being the best source of material for children’s toys, so it was up to Prettigirl2203 to create something of her own for her special little man. So she decided to tackle one of horror’s most prolific killers and make him cute and cuddly! Below is a gallery of all the steps she took to create this fine doll and it’s 100% awesome!

Also, as a bonus, I’ve included Prettigirl2203’s Slenderman cake that she created for Thor’s birthday that includes all eight pages!




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