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[Random Scary] Black Friday Horror Montage Looks Like Real Life ‘World War Z’

You and I haven’t met in person, we might not have even interacted online, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a special place in my heart. Tomorrow is Black Friday. It’s an exciting day where nearly every retailer decides to discount their products to lure you in with money in hand. Sadly, for many unfortunate souls, tomorrow can be a little too exciting.

One YouTuber has compiled a few horrifying scenes that might look like outtakes from World War Z, when in fact they’re insane real-life footage captured during Black Fridays past. It’s horrifying and offers an excellent reason to stay indoors tomorrow, where you can get many of the same deals online, sans the hordes of crazy people who are totally willing to curb-stomp you for a cheap HDTV — or in the case of one terrifying scene in this video, f**king cookware.

The lesson here is to be careful if you’re planning on going out tomorrow to take advantage of a particularly enticing deal. Each and every one of you are snowflakes, and I don’t like it when strangers stomp on my snowflakes.




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