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[Random Cool] Ghostbusters Theme Gets A Bit Heavy

By now you’re probably getting ready to eat a metric f*#k ton of food due to the fact that it’s November. And if you’re not American, my recommendation is to still stuff your face with as much sustenance as humanly possible. That way, when you’re packed to the brim and food will pour out of you should you be turned upside down, you’ll know that you’re about to bust. And as Ray Parker Jr. so eloquently put it, “Bustin’ makes me feel good!

With that AMAZING transition (seriously, someone get me a Pulitzer STAT), I present to you 331Erock‘s heavy metal cover of the Ghostbusters theme! As per usual, he takes the theme and remains true to the feel while adding in his own tasteful embellishments. Check it out below and then commence feasting!




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