B-D Talks to Raimi about ASH from Evil Dead remake!

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the news you’ve been dying to know… will Ash be blazing a chainsaw hand in the Sam Raimi produced remake of Evil Dead? Also, what’s the word on ‘Spiderman 3,’ is it really going to be Venom? Read on and have all your questions answered (kinda)…
As I’m leaving the screening of Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures’ Boogeyman (review coming soon), I ran into the Sam Raimi- the man behind the greatest cult flicks of all time, ‘Evil Dead,’ ‘Evil Dead 2’ and ‘Army of Darkness’.

Sure I’m pissed that he’s remaking ‘Evil Dead,’ but I still found myself like a giggling little school girl in his presence. After shaking his hand and wallowing in his glory- I was knocked back down to reality…


So what’s the word on Ash in the remake? Will he be slashing up ghouls with his chainsaw hand? Raimi replied, “It’s a remake of the first ‘Evil Dead,’ so probably no.” I pleaded a little with him, asked him really? Why wouldn’t you? He replied, “Because it’s a remake of ‘Evil Dead’.” So what exactly does that mean to me? He plans on doing ‘Evil Dead 2,’ and then bringing the chainsaw hand into action. Money, greed, turning his back on the fans.

Ironically enough I parked next to one of ‘Raimi’ cars from Spiderman, I made sure to flick it off nice and good before I walked off.

In other news, he talked a little about ‘Spiderman 3,’ I tried ot get him to confess about Venom, only to get unclear answers that indicated that he might be part of the film. Once again I pleaded, begging- like my opinion would matter. I said you HAVE TO have Venom, HAVE TO! So yeah, if Venom is in ‘Spidey 3’ it’s because of me (heh heh).

For news on EVIL DEAD 4, cick here.

Sony Screen Gems Boogeyman hits theaters tomorrow.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting