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[TV] Trailer Looks Ahead To “The Walking Dead’s” February Return!

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is on break until 2014, leaving fans curling up in a ball crying over the loss of a major character (finally). As a cynic, all I can say is I hope this character is replaced by someone better…

Anyways, AMC announced today that the series will return from the dead on Sunday, February 9, while also airing the following “look ahead” trailer during a commercial break for the god awful “Talking Dead”.

No details have been revealed for episode 9 just yet, but I think it’s safe to say it won’t be easy picking up the pieces after a war of such magnitude…

Click here to go behind-the-scenes of last night’s mid-season finale!



  • K-Dogg

    Last night’s episode FUCKING RULED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • djblack1313

      K-Dogg, I AGREE! I AGREE! I AGREE! i haven’t been this excited/into the show since the first couple of eps of season 3 (the first half of ssn 3 i really liked a lot but the 2nd half….not so much). season 4 has been consistently very good and last night’s mid-season finale was AMAZING! one of the best hours of television i’ve seen in a long while.

  • HorrorFancy

    Loved the mid-season finale.

  • viking1983

    no major characters died, hershell and the govenor were never major characters

    • djblack1313

      um, Hershel most certainly was a main character on the show. he wasn’t one in the comics but on the show he was.

  • OhhIDied

    From someone who has seen every episode and been a fan, up until lasts night “battle,” this show went downhill. I can’t believe I waited for seasons four that. I once wondered why one of the writers hated The Walking Dead, but last nights episode answered that for me. NO MAIN CHARACTERS CAN DIE. Yes, big deal, Hershel is gone, as are 4 other characters in the comic! This was a sick joke. I feel disrespected. My compendium ends after this battle, and so does my viewing.

    • OhhIDied

      One of the writers on Bloody-disgusting*

    • djblack1313

      OhhIDied, i respect your opinion but general consensus (over on TWD board on IMDB) seems to be that the mid-finale was excellent. sorry you didn’t like it (i mean that seriously and not in a snarky way).

      • OhhIDied

        Thanks, Budd. I know I’m in the minority for viewers, but I’m not in the minority of people who think book-to-film adaptations are worse than the source material.

    • weresmurf

      Been reading since issue #1 and watching since Episode 1, never missed an episode on its first airing, even when it was at its worst. But last nights was spectacularly good. Main characters do die in The Walking Dead, I don’t know *where* you get this BS idea from.


      These were not side characters, they were *mains*. In the comics, you’ve had some mains die as well which WILL happen in the show and they’ve died brutally. So more to come yet. If you ‘feel disrespected’ then well, I don’t know what to say other than you must lead a pretty weird life…

      • OhhIDied

        I`m not saying kill off Michone, Daryll, Tyrese, or Rick (Yet!) but I wanted atleast Beth, Sasha, Bob, Hershal (see ya gramps!), Glenn, and Judith to die. Out of 43 episodes, 8 main characters have died, only 5 of which were good guys. That’s a ratio of 1 every 9 episodes. INSANITY! This was supposed to be a defining moment in the series. The Walking Dead proves, if a character has a big enough fan base, they will never die! If you`re familiar with the comic, 5 main characters die in this showdown including Lori, Hershal, Tyrese, Judith, and Axle. Someone always dies on the finales, it`s predictable. Do you know why? Because they do it every season. I can only watch them cheat death so many times before it gets boring. I don`t want them to die because I don`t like them. I want them to die because it will create drama. I`m emotionally invested in them. I will feel something when they die. I don`t feel anything for the new people they introduce and kill immediately. Does anyone? I thought people watched this show for the fear and excitement of possibly losing someone special, but how can anyone feel suspense or tension when only the most predictable are at risk?

    • Polsdofer

      LOL, this guy is pissed because our favorite characters arent dead, what does he want Beth to be the main character? ahahaha give me a break and weresmurf is right they have killed off main characters before and they’ll do it again. If you really want to see Rick die wait til season 60.

      • Polsdofer

        When i said our i meant the main characters

        • OhhIDied

          My point exactly, Poldofer. This show is so SAFE that I don’t need to watch it for years and I’ll still be able to guess who’s alive. It could last 60 season because they kill 1 or 2 each time. Haha. THANK YOU!

          • Polsdofer

            I just can’t believe that’s the reason you wont watch it. Because you THINK they wont kill off any main characters.
            I THINK that Rick is the only safe character because he is still alive in the comics and because no Rick pretty much means no Walking Dead. Clearly i was joking about 60 seasons and I’m sure you know that.

  • jaxx367

    Gunna go a little psycho waiting for February!!!

  • jaxx367

    The Walking Dead rules!!!

  • juice1701

    I really liked Hershel (how could you not)? But I kind of knew his days were numbered. But Oh I am soooo glad the Governor is done. But I would have rather some zombies chewed into his ass instead of going out the easy way. I think that’s why Michonne left him alive. But oh girl ended it too easily.

    But I am looking forward to February. And now my favorite characters are Daryl and Tyrese. I hope they both last for awhile longer.

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