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Nine Inch Nails Releases Director’s Cut “Survivalism” Video

Industrial legends Nine Inch Nails have just uploaded a director’s cut version of “Survivalism”, one of the band’s Year Zero singles. The video, which was directed by Alex Lieu, Rob Sheridan, and Trent Reznor, follows a first person perspective of several TV surveillance monitors which are watching people and also following a SWAT-esque team going through hallways subduing those that are “out of line”.

Personally, I didn’t notice that much different but maybe it’s been a while since I’ve seen the original video. Any of you notice something glaringly different in the director’s cut that wasn’t in the original?

“Survivalism” landed at #7 on our Top 10 Nine Inch Nails Music Videos. Click the link for a full list of all ten.



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  • Josh

    This version restores the brief nudity and the gay sex seen on a few of the screens. Basically this was the way the video was originally released but in the other non-director’s cut on youtube, those screens are censored with screens that literally say “Censored for your protection.”

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