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Fun Non-News: Jean-Claude Van Damme Wants To Star In ‘The Terminator’

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m a massive fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme. If I could only watch one movie ever again for the rest of my life, I’d choose Bloodsport (over Aliens you say?!).

So, while this news post means absolute shit, it’s fun to imagine what it would be like if JCVD were to play a T-whatever in the forthcoming The Terminator sequels/prequels.

Apparently, fans created a petition to get JCVD a role in alongside (or in place of) Arnold Schwarzenegger. The petition is a waste of time and energy. I “liked” it.

JCVD caught wind and shared his quick take: “This is amazing! Thanks to the wonderful fan group behind this nice page,” says Van Damme. “The fan-made CGI galleries you have created are incredible. Answering your questions, I would definitely love to join The Terminator franchise with Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, if I am offered the role. Thank you, once again…I am happily still browsing your amazing fan-made videos and photos! #JCVD

JCVD’s popularity hit a new decade high with the below commercial for Volvo Trucks, where he does the splits between two moving vehicles. From what I hear, as difficult as he was to work with, JCVD was the driving force between quite a few ticket sales when Lionsgate released Expendables 2 back in 2012. He was killed off from the film pretty harshly, and those behind-the-scenes say it was because they wanted no chance of JCVD returning to the franchise (he’s allegedly impossible to work with, which is a reason you don’t see him in many movies these days).

So, while the JCVD fan inside of us all wish he would return to the Hollywood spotlight, it seems highly unlikely. And there’s no substance to this Terminator story other than me filibustering about how awesome JCVD is.





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