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[Interview] Tides From Nebula Guitarist Adam Waleszyński

I was recently turned onto Tides From Nebula, an instrumental post-rock group out of Poland. They are quickly gaining recognition for their beautiful, melancholic melodies and creative songwriting. Recently, they toured with Riverside, another fantastic Polish band, which gave me even more of a reason to check them out. I listened to their new album Eternal Movement and was floored by how fluid and epic their music is. Much like Russian Circles and Explosions In The Sky, the tracks are cinematic, often reaching glorious heights while at other times venturing into bleak darkness.

Because of this excitement in this band, I recently had an interview with guitarist Adam Waleszyński, which you can read below. You’ll get to delve a bit into the songwriting process, how the band gets their tones, what they’re currently listening to, and more. And when you finish, make sure to pick up a copy of Eternal Movement via iTunes.

Bloody-Disgusting: Walk me through the creation process of a Tides From Nebula song. There are so many layers and tones that it’s fascinating to think how you know where one part should end and another begin.

Adam Waleszyński: It always starts the same way, with a single idea coming from a guitar or keyboard. We then sit on our arses, sometimes it takes less than a few hours to achieve something which all of us like. There are some moments where we are working on a very short 5 second part for one week, we still may throw it away though. We are not professional musicians, we don’t know notes, so we check out all possibilities. We have a great recipe for the songs – we do it as we love it. When we feel we are getting bored making a certain part, it’s a sign to throw it away.

BD: What equipment is used to create your tones?

AW: Well, we are using a lot of guitar effects. In the studio we used twice as many! When you think about delay, reverb or any effect possible, it’s most likely somewhere on our new album for sure, haha!

Maciej plays a Telecaster and Gibson SG. I play a Gibson Les Paul Studio. Our bassist plays Mayones basses – you have to check them out if you are not aware of them. It is a Polish company which makes killer guitars and basses and a lot of great artists are starting to use them. Our drummer plays Sonor drums.

BD: You hail from Poland, which has a strong presence in the metal community thanks to bands such as Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader, Turbo, and many more. Recent bands, such as Riverside, are also making themselves well known outside of the country’s borders. Do you think there is something about being Polish that changes the approach to writing music, be it the culture you grew up in, the politics of the area, etc…?

AW: Funny thing, yesterday I was taking part in a public discussion about Polish metal in the world with Vogg from Decapitated and Adam from Hate during the European Music Fair in Warsaw. All of us feel strongly that this is a result of Polish people being very hard working. All the bands that have been successful abroad, were working very hard, touring a lot around the world, sometimes in a bad conditions only to play shows and capture metalheads everywhere. There is something in our culture for sure, we also felt during the discussion that our complicated history made us like this.

BD: You’re touring Europe with The Ocean and Shining. What has the reception been like for you during this tour?

AW: It was great. Playing with those guys gave us an opportunity to show our music to theirs fans. We didn’t hear any “booo’s” from the audience so it was a success!

BD: ‘Eternal Movement’ just recently came out and is generating a lot of positive reviews. I know it’s very soon but is the band writing any more material or has the writing process been put on hold to promote this album?

AW: We just came back from our biggest European tour so far. We have 4 shows remaining in Poland. December is always our “family month”, we are taking a break from playing. In January we plan to meet in our studio and do something new, for fun. I wonder what will come out of this. We plan to do something new for between tours. We are always hungry for something more and something new.

BD: If you had the chance to come and tour the US, who would you want to tour with?

AW: Aw man, I’m a huge fan of American metal and rock music from my childhood, so there are many bands that I would love to tour with. If you are asking for one band name, it would be great to tour with our brothers from Caspian.

BD: What are you listening to these days?

All of us love the new Arcade Fire record. I’m into Karnivool and The Safety Fire lately. Also check out Tesseract “Altered State”. Millions of great riffs out there!

BD: Poland is not exactly widely known for horror movies. Are there any that you think slipped under our radar that are “must see” films?

AW: Haha! I love horror movies and I’m sad to tell that we don’t have any worth attention. Crap, I don’t even know if we have any and I think of myself as a horror fan! Anyway, we are very good in history and drama movies – you probably know Kieslowski. We have great Polish comedies – still you have to be Polish to understand them because of the specific humour and language. Anyway, try movies by Wojciech Smarzowski or Marek Koterski. Those guys are really great artists in their genre.



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