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David Lapham’s Coming-Of-Age Adventure Features Insect-Slaying Tweens

For the first time in over five years, David Lapham will be writing and drawing a new series, “Juice Squeezers”, which is set to kick off next month. The limited series screams 80s family adventure, telling the tale of a group of adolescents who ban together to protect Weeville against a swarm of giant insects.

You can read the first #0 issue for free from now until next week at the Dark Horse web store.

Dark Horse also announced that there will be a special issue of “Juice Squeezers” for Free Comic Book Day in May of 2014.

Official Press Release:

DECEMBER 4, PORTLAND, OR—David Lapham, the Eisner Award–winning creator of the smash hit Stray Bullets, is writing and drawing his own series again for the first time in five years, debuting next month! Now, on the eve of Final Order Cutoff for the first issue, Dark Horse announces an original story to be featured in next year’s FCBD offerings!

Called “a perfect start to an addictive new serial” by Newsarama after its run in the Eisner and Harvey Award–winning anthology Dark Horse Presents, Juice Squeezers follows a covert group of tweens who form the main line of defense for the residents of Weeville against an army of giant bugs. The only ones who can fit into the cramped subterranean battlefield, the aptly named Juice Squeezers keep the endless swarm of bugs from overrunning the city. That is, until a new kid moves to town and threatens to awaken a dormant bug population. The exterminators may become the exterminated in this all-ages adventure story!

Available for download today, and free for the next week, is the critically acclaimed storyline from the series debut in Dark Horse’s flagship anthology, so fans will have the chance to see for themselves what everyone is talking about! Read the first chapter and tell your retailer that you are on board for this fun new series in the vein of The Goonies and Stand by Me!

Juice Squeezers #1 (of 4) is on sale January 1, 2014, in comic shops everywhere!

Juice Squeezers #0 is available for free download today, exclusively through!

Free Comic Day 2014 will take place on May 3, 2014!

Retailers: Make sure your shelves will be well stocked with Juice Squeezers #1, and up your orders today! Diamond code: NOV130063



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