‘Open Grave’ Motion Poster, Starring ‘District 9’s’ Sharlto Copley

  • mobstar67

    wow..this movie trailer sucked me in…and now that i have screened this film twice..i love it…nothing polished and slick about it…
    its not quite a slow burn but picks up maybe just a little so i cant say everyone is gonna feel the same way but it did strike a nerve with me…
    the only way for me to give it reference would be a prequel to 28 Days later.. not exactly but after a second viewing its pretty darn close…i know those words could get me in trouble but by the films end it adds up..not that its the true prequel to 28 days later cuz its not..but it very well could coincide nicely with Danny Boyles opus.
    and Sharlto Copely is the shit and he’s got Resident Evil & King Kongs Thomas Kretschmann giving him some strong support..like i said this film might not be flashy enough for the masses but i thought it to be better than most i see lately..
    i liked!!!!