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Spike Reveals Tonight’s VGX 2013 Schedule

Spike has revealed the live stream schedule for tonight’s VGX awards (formerly known as the VGAs) and it’s brimming with demonstrations of upcoming games, world premieres and YouTuber appearances. Oh, and there will also be video game awards. If you’re unfamiliar with the newly rebranded awards show, all you really need to know is it’s been entirely restructured to appeal to us, the gamers. Tonight, we’ll get a three hour-long live stream, then an edited down version will premiere on Spike TV on Monday for everyone else.

If you aren’t planning on spending the night with the VGX, don’t fret, as I’ll be here covering the event and all it’s juicy exclusives.

Get an exclusive look at Thief – The VGX Preshow kicks off with a trip to Eidos Montreal to get a look at the next installment of the Thief franchise.

Hour One
VGX Kicks Off! – Hosts Joel McHale and Geoff Keighley take us through what kind of surprises are in store at VGX.
Secret World Premiere #1 – We cant divulge all of our secrets, but trust us, you’re going to love this one.
Smosh & The Future of Video Games – What will video games be like in the future?
Tomb Raider Announcement– Get a Tomb Raider announcement, exclusively at VGX.
Lara Croft in the flesh – Camilla Luddington, the voice behind Lara Croft, appears at VGX.
Best Action/Adventure Or Best Sports Game Award – You tell us which you want to see.
Reggie takes the stage – Nintendo of America’s fearless leader, Reggie Fils-Aime takes the stage for a demo.
Another Vector Monkey is awarded – VGX honours another of this year’s best games.
Quantum Break revealed – VGX is the only place you can get a look into the world of Remedy’s next epic title.
More Quantum Break – Remedy’s Oskari Hakkien stops by VGX to take you deeper into Quantum Break.
Bonus World Premiere – Another surprise Bonus World Premiere.

Hour Two
South Park and the Stick of Truth – Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny set out on their most epic journey ever.
Game of the Year Award – The creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, award this year’s top honors.
Mega 64 – Rocco and Shawn thought we left some awards out, so they filled in some of the gaps.
Destiny Premiere– Bungies latest title shines in this exclusive premiere.
VICE’s Motherboard takes on Donkey Kong – See the biggest rivalry from this year’s Donkey Kong world championships.
A new look at Broken Age – Double Fine’s Tim Schafer helps pull back the curtain on his next creation.
Cameo of the Year Award – Presented by Rooster Teeth — you’re never going to guess who wins.
Viewer’s Choice World Premiere – Tom Clancy’s The Division or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?
Best Indie Game Award – Find out which studio takes home the award.
Secret World Premiere #2 – Another all-new game, brought to you by VGX.

Hour Three
Zombies infect VGX – See if you can survive this demo of Dying Light.
VGX welcomes PEWDIEPIE – YouTube’s biggest name visits VGX.
Thief steals the show – Get an exclusive world premiere for the latest entry in this beloved franchise.
Viewer’s Choice Award – Best Shooter or Studio of the Year?
Character of the Year Award – You voted, now find out who you chose as your Character of the Year.
Secret World Premiere #3 – We’ve got some of this year’s biggest trailers – only at VGX.
Final VGX Award – You decide which award you want to see handed out.
Titanfall world premiere – VGX welcomes Vince Zampella for an exclusive look at one of next year’s biggest games.
Rockstar rocks the house – An exclusive one night only performance of the music of Grand Theft Auto V.

If you’d like to watch the live stream, you can do so here. It will also be streamed on Hulu, GameTrailers, Yahoo Screen and Twitch. If you’d rather watch it on your console, you can also see it on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One when it kicks off tonight at 6:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT.



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