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[VGX 2013] ‘Dying Light’ Is Still Plenty Scary During The Day

When it comes to horror games, I’d usually prefer to see as little of them prior to their release as possible. The unknown is what’s scary, and multiple lengthy video demonstrations can water down the effect a horror game can have when you finally get in your hands.

Techland certainly hasn’t been shy about showing off their gorgeous zombie survival game Dying Light, which we’ve seen plenty of already, but that really doesn’t bother me. I like seeing what we’ll be capable of doing when the game finally does wall-run onto retail shelves — sometime in 2014 — and the myriad ways we’ll be able to dispatch of the ravenous hordes. They haven’t shown much nighttime footage, and I’m thinking there’s a reason behind that, because from what little we have seen, that’s when the game dives into pure horror. More after the break!

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