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This Atari Themed PlayStation 4 Needs To Be Real

I really don’t think Sony needs any help selling their new PlayStation 4, seeing as you voted it your favorite and it’s breaking record sales already, but all that sweet, sweet success could be multiplied exponentially if this beautiful thing was made a reality. A tweet from John Carmack, formerly of id Software (Quake, Doom), inspired Phantom Fighter to use his Photoshop magic to craft what could potentially be the most beautiful console of all time.

Read on to see it in all its glory.

First, we have Carmack’s tweet:

And now, the glorious work of art it inspired:

I don’t know about you, but I want this. Badly.



  • weresmurf


  • Nyghtfall

    I still remember spending evenings flipping the scoreboard in Yars’ Revenge a few times after figuring out the timing between his attacks on the highest level.

    I switched back to console gaming for a year, in 2007, after having tired of trying to keep my PC up-to-date with the latest games. Bioshock was the first game I bought. Then, Deadspace came out in 2008, and its target-specific combat system drove me back to the PC. I threw out my my XBox 360 a few years ago.

    • Adam Dodd

      But this Atari PS4 hybrid will bring you back to the wonderful world of console gaming, correct?

      • Nyghtfall

        Not a chance. For precision aiming in FPS’s, a mouse and keyboard are the only way to play.

  • Trioxin83
  • huntermc

    Do want.

  • Pav

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