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Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Announce Details For New Album ‘Piano Nights’

German quartet Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, who have been described as “the gentlest black metal band on earth,” are set to release their eighth studio album Piano Nights on February 3rd, 2014 via Ipecac. The album was inspired by a performance in Moscow where Chrisoph Clöser was playing a selection of the band’s songs on a grand piano. Below is the track listing and album artwork.

From what I’ve listened to of the band, it seems like they’re a perfect fit for anyone who is into Twin Peaks and composer Angelo Badalamenti’s beautiful score.

Piano Nights track listing:
1. Im Rauch
2. Bei rosarotem Licht
3. Fahr zur Hölle
4. Irrwege
5. Ganz leise kommt die Nacht
6. SegeIn ohne Wind
7. Unrasiert
8. Verloren (alles)
9. Komm zurück zu mir



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  • John Marrone

    “Black Metal” is misleading. DOOM JAZZ. The song posted isn’t the best example. They play super slow, broody, black jazz, and it fits any black playlist, especially if you listen to horror soundtracks, because the music has such a dark atmosphere. Check out BLACK EARTH and SUNSET MISSION albums. Hope they don’t go the vocals route again, like they experimented with the last track of their last release…

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