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[Remember This?] The Critters Make It To Space Before Leprechaun, Pinhead And Jason!

Last week I wrote a piece on Leonardo DiCaprio and the atrocity that was Critters 3. At the time I mentioned that I didn’t think I had seen Critters 4, and that I would likely to be checking it out soon. I’m still debating taking that route and spending 90 minutes of my life on the film but, based on the trailer, I’m inching closer.

For one, this looks like this has something approximating decent production value (I mean, it still looks cheap as hell – but not quite as bargain basement as Critters 3). It’s sort of odd that Rupert Harvey shot this film back to back with Kristine Peterson’s third installment, given that it looks like it cost about ten times more money. Then again, Harvey wrote and produced Critters 3, so maybe he intentionally saved the scale of story and financial resources for his installment.

I really like how Brad Dourif’s character at least seems to be multi-faceted and pragmatic, it’s rare that he gets to play a lot other than the straight villain in horror films like this. It’s also worth noting that there’s a very young Angela Bassett in here as well. Primarily though – how strange is it that in a landscape littered with franchises that have gone to space, Critters seems to be among the first to go there. Leprechaun and Hellraiser both went four years letter in 1996, and Jason X didn’t hit until 2002 (though to be fair it was completed way before that).

What do you guys think? Should I actually watch this? Live-tweet maybe?



  • Josh

    Just watch it. Its and hour and a half.

  • sweetooth

    It’s worth a watch. Critters are from space so it makes sense the franchise would finally go there (there is some in space stuff in the 1st two already) unlike Leprechaun and Jason.

    • Evil_Flip

      Yeah, it makes absolutely no sense to compare this to Jason X, Leprechaun 4(?) or Hellraiser.

  • crieff405

    You know, I really like this. It might even be my favourite sequel. There’s not A LOT of Critter action in it, but it’s the darkest, capturing the feel of the early scenes in space in the first movie. It’s also something of a sequel to ANDROID, a 1982 pre-Critters film also from Smart Egg pictures and written by and starring Don Opper. Not only are sets, footage and designs carried over, the whole universe is clearly the same, with the same storm-troopers for an evil empire called “Terracorps”.

    It’s also neat looking at the ways it’s similar to FIREFLY/SERENITY (and also to another precursor to that, Alien Resurrection) – the captain isn’t much of a Mal-analogue, but there’s a black second-in-command (played here by Angela Bassett, though it’s only her body double who’s lovely bum we see) and an immoral oaf who can’t be trusted (unlike Jayne, the guy here is less useful, he’s played by Leo Johnson from Twin Peaks), and a young ward, almost cabin boy, who’s a bit like the Doctor/River in Firefly.

    It’s not perfect, but it’s direct to video from an era where that wasn’t a synonym for “total shit”.

  • dirtyghettok

    Not “trolling” you guys at all. Hell, I’ve been following this site since day one. But seriously… You’ve gone from reviewing and recommending top notch horror films to “should I watch a bad film” over twenty years old. Just saying you’re better then this crap.

  • I really hate the bad rap that hellraiser bloodline gets when they bring up the space part and its comparison to jason and leprechaun. First off its not played for laughs like the other 2 and citters are. Its not some lame attempt at crash grab of a sequel but isripe with frigntening scenes (the Siamese Cenobite). It has an interesting story and actually ellaborates on the mythology with the origins of the puzzle box as well as a cursed family forced to fight pinhead and his minions. You don’t exactly gets with hockey mask killer murdering juvenile teenagers.

    And not to get technical but bloodline takes place on a station in earths orbit its not like pinhead is boldly going on some space cruise raising on Jupiter (that brand of bland storytelling was saved for event horizon). The setting of space is used to show the passage of time and is seen in the beginning, middle and very end. theres a lot more movie than and story than this film is given credit for.

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