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This Bloody Video Features A Serious Cringe-Worthy Moment



Alt-rock group Their/They’re/There has released a music video for “New Blood” which may not have the record for most fake blood used in a music video. However, I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s probably got the record for most uses of fake blood in various situations, such as raining from the sky, blood in water bottles, blood coming out of sink and bathtub faucets, blood in toothpaste, and more. It also features a moment that seriously made me cringe and look away. After getting a little paper cut, the main character realizes that no blood is coming out of his minor wound. Instead of going to the doctor, that guy grabs a paper and proceeds to purposefully give himself another paper cut! I can handle the scene in Zombi 2 where the woman’s face is pushed ever so slowly into a wooden splinter but this gets under my skin??? Dammit brain….

“New Blood” comes from the band’s latest EP Analog Weekend, which you can purchase here.


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