‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer Time Travels To the Present!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dillon.brown.7 DB35

    That trailer blew me away. Really liked how they put that together. This one has definitely got my interest piqued. Plus, I have a mad crush on Emily Blunt so double pumped!

  • anthonyd1

    This movie looks insane cannot wait. Definitely starting to warm up to Tom Cruise again. He will always be an awesome action movie star and I am in love with Emily Blunt so consider my ticket bought

  • djblack1313

    this looks AWESOME! say what you will about Tom Cruise but he makes excellent films. also is the music used in this trailer Johann Johannsson (who did “The Sun’s Gone Dim” from BATTLE:LA)??
    it really helps deliver the emotional punch the trailer conveyed.

  • Nyghtfall

    The storytelling mechanic looks suspiciously like the one used in “Groundhog Day”. If it is, I’ve already lost interest. Otherwise, I’ll be there.

  • http://mitchmacready.blogspot.com/ Zombie-Killa

    Looks good!

    Tom Cruise usually delivers in action flicks (with the exception of Knight & Day, but I don’t put all the blame on Cruise), and I really enjoyed Oblivion and Jack Reacher recently, so I’m definitely looking forward to this!

    • djblack1313

      Zombie-Killa, i can’t lie i LOVED “Knight & Day”!! i’ve watched it numerous times and love it every time. LOL. :)

      do you know the song that’s played in this trailer (above)??

      • http://mitchmacready.blogspot.com/ Zombie-Killa

        Lol!!!We all have different tastes my friend! :) I don’t hate every second of Knight & Day, but the relationship between Diaz and Cruise drove me nuts for reasons I won’t go into, because I’m afraid I’ll get carried away and spoil the entire movie for people, who haven’t seen it! lol.

        And no, I don’t know the song in the trailer! It bums me out, because I really like it, and I Googled a search for it yesterday, but I came up with nothing!lol.

  • diapers

    How does Cruise manage to never age? Might be some wacky scientology magic powder? Anyway, dude seems to pick some pretty good sci-fi action flicks as of late. Despite early reservations, I thought Oblivion was fucking awesome.