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‘The Orphanage’ Director Enters ‘World War Z’ With Brad Pitt!!

Juan Antonio Bayona, who directed Guillermo del Toro’s The Orphanage, has signed a deal to direct the sequel to Paramount and Skydance Productions’ World War Z, Heat Vision reports.

Z, based on the novel by Max Brooks, was one the summer’s surprise hits, grossing $202 million domestically and $540 million worldwide for the studio and Skydance. What was even more impressive was the movie’s solid reviews in the face of well-documented problems with the third act that necessitated complicated and costly rewrites and reshoots.

Z starred Brad Pitt as a United Nations employee who travels the world as he and a dwindling team try to stop a zombie plague, all the while trying to communicate with his family.

Spoiler warning as the movie, helmed by Marc Forster, ended with a cure found and him reunited with his family. The original ending, however, was more sequel-ready, putting his wife in the hands of a cold-hearted army officer and Pitt storming the shores of America, cutting through a zombie horde as his reunification journey really begins.



  • djblack1313

    WOW! this is awesome news! Juan Antonio Bayona directed one of the best movies i’ve ever seen and even though (obviously) ORPHANAGE & WWZ are polar opposite types of movies, i have faith that Juan will make an excellent WWZ sequel (maybe he’ll even surpass the first movie!).

    this news is a relief also because it means this WWZ sequel is a definitely still forthcoming. i wasn’t sure if Pitt & Co. would want to possibly go through the behind the scenes drama again (and maybe say “no” to a sequel).

  • jaxx367

    This first one was awful and so weak. The studio definetly got lucky but I’m sure a sequel would definetly flop.

  • darkknight02

    Going with this director is a step in the right direction…I remain cautiously optimistic.

  • I may be in the minority here, but I actually really enjoyed WWZ. It has some strange pacing issues, but after watching it a third time, it doesn’t bother me much. I actually love the whole “raptors in the kitchen” feel it has at the end. I would kill to see the alternate version though. Hopefully the sequel gives us more “War.”

    • Mr.Mirage

      A minority of two, then, did the VOD and told the familial unit I wanted it hi-def for Xmas. IMHO I thought swarming running zombies was a game changer (that they failed to follow through) and the whole Fall Of Jerusalem sequence is flat out jaw dropping in its perfection. (Haters: watch just that sequence from the opening in which Pitt is introduced to the mob.) Loved The Orphanage, totally different in scope and feel, so I am all a-quiver.

      • I agree ten fold with the Jerusalem sequence: that is amazing and trumps anything I’ve seen in a zombie movie before.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Didn’t care for The Orphanage. Hopefully this is good.

  • John Marrone

    Used “necessitate” in a sentence. Impressed.

  • FrankiePitt

    To clarify (SPOILER) the movie didn’t end with a cure being found at all. Instead Pitt’s character figured out a rather unhealthy way to mask the human population. The zombies are still running around, they’re still a threat, but at best the humans might have a fighting chance. But no, not a cure.

  • Taboo

    Great news!

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