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‘Doom’ Turns 20, Let’s Celebrate With Some Concept Art

I can’t believe I almost missed this. Fatal Frame isn’t the only horror series that’s celebrating an important anniversary, as the original Doom turned the big 2-0 today.

John Romero, co-founder of id Software and the man that was supposed to make us his bitch, posted some photos and hand-drawn concept art from the original game and the team behind it on his Facebook. It’s pretty great stuff — I miss the badass 90’s era of concept art. Good times.



  • diapers

    …and I was playing it on day 1, on my pimpin’ 386! Heck, we were playing the demo before the release, as I recall, LAN parties connected by null modem cables. I am OLD AS DIRT, whippersnappers.

    • Adam Dodd

      Best. Comment. Ever.

  • Pav

    I remember my first time: my friend called me and said “you have to see this game. Come quick!”. And he has shown me Doom and Wolfenstein 3D! Oh man, this was AMAZING! So exciting like first time sex.

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