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‘The Last Of Us’ Gets The LEGO Treatment, Still Not For Kids

One extremely talented YouTuber has brought together two of my favorite things: LEGOs (something I spent an inordinate amount of time with as a kid) and The Last of Us, and boy, is the result delightful.

It’s totally not real — bummer, I know — but it serves as an excellent showcase of what could be if these two worlds were to come together. I’ve never played a LEGO game, but I can guarantee that if this were real I’d be all over it like a pissed off Clicker on an unsuspecting Joel.

DID YOU SEE THAT TWIST ENDING? When this comes out, I get to be Michonne.



  • spontaneousSHIT

    OMG! They are so awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Marty McFly

    That was awesome! I love Last Of Us, and I used to play the Indiana Jones Lego games. Last Of Us is one more reason I love having a Playstation 3.

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