NC-17 ‘Seed of Chucky’ On the Way!

Maybe “knocking it up” to an NC-17 will help some of you who hated Seed of Chucky like it better. The unrated DVD was canceled the other day and most suspected it was because of the low turnout in theaters- guess again. The plan is to unleash a NC-17 version of the film! Read on for details…
Fangoria writes:

“What’s really going on,” he (Don Mancini) tells us, “is that they’ve decided to release [the more extreme cut] as an NC-17 instead of unrated, in addition to the theatrical version. Because, without giving too much away, we all believe that the NC-17 label much more accuratlely reflects what is contained in the additional material. Beyond that, I don’t want to reveal anything, but it’s just really outrageous—taking a cue from the title, you can speculate as to what it involves.”

Using the controversial NC-17 tag is a bold and largely untried move, and Mancini acknowledges, “This is all pretty new to me, this whole arena, because this is the first movie I’ve worked on where they’ve done this sort of thing. But it’s certainly not a case of the studio not having confidence in the movie—quite the contrary, they’re very enthusiastic about this version of the film. They just felt that as a marketing hook, going with the NC-17 would be a lot more fun.”

And if the experiment proves to be a success, perhaps the video returns for SEED (which underperformed at the U.S. box office but has found greater success in Europe, with the Australian release next) could inspire a further continuation of the Chucky franchise. Mancini reveals that plans for another sequel aren’t happening “in any substantial way, right now, though there are always rumblings. I’m writing my new script, and [producers] David [Kirschner] and Corey [Sienega] are working on other projects. I’m sure we’ll get to one eventually, but right now we’re not moving forward on it.” And as for that current writing project, “It’s kind of a PG-13-rated horror/fantasy in the vein of POLTERGEIST,” making it very different from the visceral SEED. Still, “I like to think that in its own way, it will push some boundaries. It’s just a different genre; it’s not a splatter film and it’s not campy. Instead of filling the screen with blood and gore, it’s more fantastical.”

Source: Fangoria