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Good Luck Getting This Super Creepy Claymation Short Out Of Your Head

F**k Cordyceps, man. They’re the bane of ants everywhere, they caused an apocalypse in The Last of Us and now they’re the star of the uber creepy claymation short, Operator, from Sam Barnett. Claymation already brings with is a certain level of creepy — it’s those lifeless eyes, I think — but this cranks up the creepy to unnerving.



  • Darkness69

    Hey, Adam, wasn’t this posted here on BD before? Nevertheless, great animation!

    • Adam Dodd

      Was it? If it was, I’m okay with it. This is cool enough to warrant a double post, I think. 🙂

  • Ga5ton

    It’s kinda scary to think that a future like that is possible

  • Vengeance1138

    That was quite tame, was good for a claymation but “Uber” creepy? unnerving? Not rly. Still a solid effort.

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