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PlayStation 4 Is The Biggest Console Launch In History

We already knew the PlayStation 4 was a big success, but with 2.1 million units sold in just two weeks time, it’s officially a strong enough launch for Sony’s new console to claim the title of biggest console launch in history. This impressive feat was revealed by Sony President and CEO, Jack Tretton and backed up by NPD, the go-to source for games industry stats.

“PlayStation 4 sales in North America and worldwide have been incredibly strong since launch, culminating in PS4 being recognized as the largest console launch in history,” Tretton explains. “In North America alone, more than one million PS4 units were sold in only 24 hours and we’re pleased NPD has reported that PS4 was the top selling next gen platform for both hardware and software in November.” Tretton wrote in a statement issued last week.

“We are humbled by the passion and excitement demonstrated by gamers for PS4. Demand continues to overwhelm supply, but we’re working hard to get PS4 units into the hands of customers throughout the holiday season.”

This is fantastic — and well-deserved — news for Sony. They turned a lot of longtime Xbox fans over to the blue side with the PlayStation 4, which was both consumer friendly and a gaming console first when the Xbox One was stirring up controversy (and a fair bit of anger) for the embracing the opposite. It also beat out the Xbox One, Wii U and PC when I asked you what console you’re most interested in, so there’s that too.




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