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[Remember This?] Would This Amazing Trailer For ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Ever Be Released Today?

There’s no denying that Rosemary’s Baby is a classic, one of the best films ever made in any genre. Roman Polanski managed to fashion something that relied far more on creepiness than actual scares (especially the modern jump scare as we knot it today), and a lot of the movie’s pull lies in the fact that it has an unsettling comedic bent. This isn’t the kind of movie that major studios really make anymore, and I’m pretty sure the same thing could be said for the trailer.

There’s at least two minutes and fifteen seconds separating the opening dialogue of “let’s make love” with the narration at the end. But the main thing here is the music and sound design. It’s got several wonderfully wonky transitions, the upbeat cymbal taps give way to the desolate sounds of the elements. The imagery is, again, creepy and unsettling. The shift is totally disorientating, and that’s before the trailer really picks up steam with its funky, ominous disco soundtrack.

It doesn’t even come close to giving away the whole film, yet it remarkably represents the wide tonal palette you can expect from it. I’m actually jealous of people who got to see this thing before they saw the movie. Check it out below! “For mature audiences.”



  • staindFAN

    Awesome! Rosemary’s Baby is one of my all time favorites. To answer the heading, no, this type of trailer would not be released today. Studios would rather show audiences the whole film in two minutes and thirty seconds.

  • tbaio

    I’m not impressed with this trailer….nothing special here. The movie & book however, were well ahead of their time & are still stand-outs today.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    That was awesome! My second favorite horror movie next to Halloween; perfect film.

  • Mr.Mirage

    Polanksi turned the genre to a direction that even now is a rare and dark landscape, threatening and menacing without overt violence. The trailer sounds like it belongs on a Russian Circle disc, and for me, that little mini-movie just makes me want to sit through it again.

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