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88,000 People Played The ‘DayZ’ Alpha In First 12 Hours

The long awaited public alpha for the DayZ standalone — available now — sold 172,500 copies in just 24 hours and was played by nearly 90,000 players in the first 12 hours of its going live on Steam, developer Bohemia Interactive announced today. Those are some mighty impressive numbers, especially for a game that isn’t even finished yet. If you haven’t grabbed your own copy, you can find it on Steam Early Access for $29.99.

Just remember that it’s far from finished.



  • Kane Soto

    and how many people requested refunds after? lol

    • Chainsaw Graphics

      That’s my thought. Remember WarZ??? That came had a huge preorder and tons of people played (or tried) to play the day the beta came out. Only to find out the whole thing was a rushed, bugged piece of crap that was supposed to be the next huge game.

      • Kane Soto

        yea i was one of the suckers who bought into the war z hype… that game is still a worthless pile of shit and its only 15 bucks now (occasionally on sale for 3 bucks but still not worth it imo)

        • Chainsaw Graphics

          Same here,.. I spent $60 on the ultimate package thing before its release. I tried for months to enjoy it,.. but about the time I finally got good weapons and ammo, they took it all from us. Ive never been back since.

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