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6 Horror Games To Play This Christmas!

If the idea of spending time with your adoring family makes you want to gag — I get it — then I dedicate this list to you. Maybe you’d like to practice your strategic dismemberment skills rather than brave a family dinner. If you missed it, Evan recently gifted us with a list of horror films to watch this Christmas, so being the shameless soul that I often am, I’ve decided to twist it into something dark and terrifying.

Read on for my list of six horror games you should play this Christmas!

Dead Space 3

Isaac and Carver strapped on their snow boots for the latest entry in Visceral’s dismember-fest, and while it wasn’t really given the love I personally think it deserved — for its near-brilliant use of co-op and willingness to try something different (snowy setting, less linear world, side quests, etc.) — it’s still a mighty fine choice if you’re looking for a game to sink today and tomorrow into. It gets even better if you have a similarly minded relative to play it with.

Killing Floor

I can’t praise Killing Floor highly enough, just because it’s incredible. The fact that developer Tripwire Interactive has continued supporting it so long after its release only makes it easier to recommend. This year they’re bringing back their annual Twisted Christmas event, which brings with it holiday themed content, including new levels and enemies. It runs through to Jan 4th, so if you’d like to mow down evil snowmen, you best act fast.

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