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“Luigi’s Ballad” Aims To Woo The Princess…Mario Doesn’t Approve

Many of you might know the gaming channel Game Grumps, which features several gamers tackling different titles and providing usually entirely unrelated commentary over top (which is often absolutely hilarious). Well, two of those fine fellows, Arin and Danny, have just released a video game themed hip-hop comedy album under the moniker Star Bomb. But not only have they released an album, they’ve also released an animated music video for the track “Luigi’s Ballad”, which was drawn by Arin himself. The video tells the tale of Luigi’s attempt to express his feelings for the Princess only to have Mario interrupt and force himself into every situation. I warn you that the video is definitely NSFW due to language and some highly suggestive imagery. Still, it’s really awesome.

Pick up Star Bomb‘s debut album via iTunes.



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