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Dig Up This Exclusive ‘Open Grave’ Clip

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive look at the first official clip from Spanish director Gonzalo López-Gallego’s mind-bending thriller Open Grave that discovers something shocking and disturbing in the forest.

Sharlto Copley (District 9, Elysium), Joseph Morgan (“The Vampire Diaries,”” The Originals”), Josie Ho (“Contagion”), and Thomas Kretschmann (Valkyrie, Wanted) star.

The high-concept Open Grave follows a man (Copley) who wakes up in a pit of dead bodies with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Fleeing the scene, he breaks into a nearby house and is met at gunpoint by a group of terrified strangers, all suffering from memory loss. Suspicion gives way to violence as the group starts to piece together clues about their identities, but when they uncover a threat that’s more vicious than each other, they are forced to figure out what brought them all together — before it’s too late.

The film will open December 24th on VOD, as well as iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Playstation, and Google Play, followed by a theatrical release January 3, 2014.

Also check out some interactive quizzes for horror fans on their Open Grave Facebook page.

Check out tons of stills here:



  • djblack1313

    i REALLY liked this movie!! it could be (with a few tweaks) a perfect companion piece with………SLIGHT SPOILER…SLIGHT SPOILER……
    the acting from all is very good and watching the mystery unfold (we know as much as the characters do and we learn what they learn as the story goes). i highly recommend this movie! 🙂

    • mobstar67

      DJ one of my first thoughts after watching this film is that it most definately could be the pre curser to 28 Days Later..not directly but in a indirect sort of way…
      i thought this was a really good film although i have heard a few complaints already but overall feedback i have recieved from this film has been positive..
      Sharpito Copely is outstanding.

      • djblack1313

        @mobstar67, definitely! i loved that i went in seeing this with pretty much NO info. so the viewer knows as much as the characters in the film and we learn the mystery as they do. i very good movie and i total surprise! 🙂

        • djblack1313

          oops, i meant,

          “A very good movie and A total surprise!:)”


          • Polsdofer

            WHAT? You guys seen this already? How can i watch it? I want to watch it now after seeing the trailer.

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