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Crazytown Uses Horror Imagery In New “LemonFace” Lyric Video

Remember that really terrible yet catchy song “Butterfly” by rap/rock group Crazytown? Well, that song may have (hopefully) faded away but the band themselves have returned (god only knows why). And to mark their return, they’ve brought a lyric video to their new song “LemonFace”, which comes off their upcoming album Brimtstone Sluggers. Now, I’m not going to comment on the worth of the song itself because I want to hear your thoughts on that. Instead, I’m going to note that the lyric video uses some horror imagery that I thought was rather interesting. I was able to catch their use of the Hell Baby poster as well as We Buy Your Kids’ cover for Mondo’s Poltergeist soundtrack. Those two immediately popped out for me. If you readers find any more, let me know! It’s kinda like playing Where’s Waldo…

Also, if you’re so inclined, you can snag a free download of “LemonFace” by aiming your mouse cursor right about here.




    heard this a few days ago and wondered “who the hell would back them with money again?” this may not be their dumbest song but its damn close

    • JonathanBarkan

      I saw that they were releasing a new album and couldn’t fathom why anyone would sign them. It’s just so bizarre.

  • viking1983

    not too bad, better than anything avenged sevenfold and bullet for my valentine have ever done

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