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Christopher Lee Posts Samples Of Christmas Songs “Jingle Hell” And “My Way”

Just in time for Christmas, horror icon Christopher Lee has posted a video with samples of his metal covers of “Jingle Bells” (entitled “Jingle Hell”) and “My Way”. In between the samples are short messages from Lee where he wishes his viewers and fans a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Head on below to hear the sonorous-voiced renditions of these classics.

The songs can be found on Lee’s EP A Heavy Metal Christmas Too, which you can snag on iTunes.



  • Darkness69

    What a legend! I’ve always said that “My Way” has to be played on my funeral, and now I’ve got the perfect version! *evil grin*

  • Wolfx

    A living legend. One of my favorite horror actors and the best Dracula in my opinion.

  • Mastro

    Respect. Period.

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