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‘I Saw The Devil’ Getting Remade So American Audiences Will See The Devil

If you liked both Dredd (I loved it) and I Saw The Devil there’s some potentially cool news on the horizon. Dredd producers Adi Shankar and Spencer Silna have acquired the English-language remake rights to the film via their 1984 Private Defense Contractors shingle.

Kim Jee-Woon’s masterful film is only a few years old, so I can understand being conflicted about it. On the other hand, these guys seem to have the best intentions telling the Wrap, “[the original] is perfect in so many ways. The intention is not to remake the film per se, but rather to “port” it for international audiences.” While I consider a remake to be a remake regardless of the “port” branding, these guys are more than capable of pulling off some daring material. They were involved with The Grey in addition to the aforementioned Dredd.

The original film starred Choi Min-sik “as a psychopathic serial killer up against Lee Byung-hun as a special agent whose fiancée becomes one of his victims. Lee’s cool-headed and intelligent character in turn becomes a monster in order to avenge the killing.



  • djblack1313

    i love I SAW THE DEVIL but i also love DREDD. this “port” thing (honestly, i’ve never even heard of this term until reading it just now) sounds like BS but i’ll give these guys the benefit of the doubt as well as a chance. if they omit the freakiness, dread (no pun intended!) and brutality of the original DEVIL then the movie will suck IMO.

  • wildgator25




    Leave one of my most favorite movies of all time ALONE! I can’t see the US version doing any justice for the original. This is almost as silly as “The Martyrs” remake that has been mentioned several times.

    • Bryno

      This is the first I’ve heard of the Martyrs remake. I don’t have any idea how that would turn out…

    • mobstar67

      agreed they should leave this film alone…they will never get this right..
      nor will they get Martyrs right either..
      Its sad that foreign horror has been kicking Hollywoods ass this past decade or so…

    • Polsdofer

      If they remake this movie and you don’t like it, will you like the original less?

  • sweetooth

    Because “porting” oldboy ended up in a huge amount of financial success.

    Just leave these films alone. If you’re too fucking lazy to read subs, watch the dub, or don’t fucking watch it.

    • Bryno

      It’s funny, Spike kept saying it’s not a remake but from the reviews and feedback I’ve heard he didn’t change very much.

      • Boonraiser

        Yep. I won tickets to a pre-screening of the Oldboy remake. After seeing the original many times, Spike’s was as much of a remake as it gets. Just remade for people that hate subtitles or foreign movies. Hopefully this is done with some thought put into it.

    • Paul

      I was so glad to hear the Oldboy remake tanked, I refuse to ever watch it. I Saw The Devil is probably one of my favorite movies ever. A remake is not needed at all. If people are too lazy to read subtitles, fudge ’em.

  • zigwardScissorHands

    Ahh yes “porting”. Remake, reboot and re-imagining have all become dirty words in the eyes of film fans, so film execs are always on the look out for the new buzz word to describe their purchased idea.

    Cut the crap. No amount of fancy (or not so fancy) word play changes the fact these film makers have taken a brilliant movie that has already been made PERFECTLY and are doing it again.


    I’m not a big fan of foreign language films so sometimes I like seeing the Americanized versions. That said, I REALLY liked the original I Saw The Devil, it was a relentless edge-of-your-seat movie. They have some big shoes to fill

  • Canucklehead


  • horrorking95

    No no no. Nothing could top I Saw the Devil, unless someone like Darren Aronofsky directed it. At least remakes give ignorant people a chance to see the original.

  • doomas10

    Again with the remakes? What is wrong with the American filmmakers? Nobody saw how badly the remake of Oldboy was treated? Enough of remaking awesome films. Go and see something else that does not have the main language as English. ISTD is one of the greatest films I have ever seen. That direction, music and cinematography let alone the fantastic performances will be vaporized, no doubt. And for anyone who starts the whole wait and see concept, I simply do not care (pretty much any English remake has been rubbish or just a repeat of the original i.e., girl with the dragon tatoo, let the right one in, oldboy, the uninvited). Do not touch this film.

  • mercedes3000

    I agree that this is a creatively spectacular film that doesn’t need ANY teetering! You don’t even know you’re reading subtitles because it so good. I’ll still check out the remake just to see what they do with it though. I have to suggest another goodie that I’m anxiously excited for; ANGELZ LANDING!!
    It’s a Supernatural Horror that Brad Dourif is making (you know, “Chucky,” aka “Grima Wormtongue”). Looks like it’s going to be one of his best creepily twisted films since The Exorcist III !!!

    • rgold

      This spamming stuff obviously isn’t working to well if you guys are only at 200 bucks. There must be betters ways to go about this even though your at a disadvantage by spelling “Angels” with a “Z” which is extremely off-putting and reeks of straight to video nonsense.

  • ThunderDragoon

    This movie was amazing. Much better than Oldboy (which was very overrated) in my opinion. I’m curious to see how they’re going to do this.

  • viking1983

    I love dredd and I love i saw the devil, please don’t remake this film, it’s only being remade as american audiences are mostly too lazy to read subtitles, I saw the devil is the most violent and beautiful film I have ever seen

  • creech74

    Please god no…..I Saw The Devil was a fantastic film and now just like Oldboy it’s going to be ruined by getting remade, its a damn shame.

  • Kwonkicker

    I Saw The Devil was one of the most phenomenal films I’ve ever seen. Leave it be ‘Merica…

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