Death Is Breathing Down The Necks Of Roland's Ka'Tet In Jericho Hill #3 Preview - Bloody Disgusting
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Death Is Breathing Down The Necks Of Roland’s Ka’Tet In Jericho Hill #3 Preview



It is arguable that Stephen King’s best work right now is coming from his guidance in the world of comics as he oversees Peter David and the crew behind “THE DARK TOWER: BATTLE OF JERICHO HILL” over at Marvel. Both his titles (“THE DARK TOWER”, “THE STAND”) are some of the most polished pieces of illustrated fiction coming to readers each and every month. And tomorrow marks a huge moment for the series as the events of last issue promise to pale in comparison to the tragedy that is about to unfold. Read on for the exciting preview of issue #3!

Covers By: Jae Lee
Written By: Peter David and Robin Furth
Art By: Jae Lee and Richard Isanove
Letters By: VC – Chris Eliopoulos

“Gilead is in ruins and Steven Deschain’s Affiliation has been drastically reduced in size, the result of the attack of the Good Man, John Farson. But young Roland and his ka-tet intend to strike a blow for the Affiliation by exploding an ancient oil field the Good Man is using to power his machines of destruction. Roland may never get the chance to strike back because in the midst of Gilead’s survivors there resides – a traitor!

“THE DARK TOWER: BATTLE OF JERICHO HILL” #3 hits store shelves tomorrow with a cover price of $3.99 from Marvel Comics!


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