'Friday The 13th: The Series' Actress Releases New Single - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Friday The 13th: The Series’ Actress Releases New Single

Louise Robey, who appeared in the Emmy nominated 80s/90s TV show Friday The 13th: The Series, has teamed up with recording artist Lovari to release a new dance/pop single “Take It To The Top, which you can hear below. If that track suits your fancy, you can also snag it via iTunes.

  • Chaybee1

    Whoa! Words cannot describe the woefulness of this song.

  • David

    somewhere david hasselhoff fans are shitting themselves in amazement

  • Alicea Donovan

    Robey aka Micki Foster Friday The 13th’s femme fatale does hip hop. Sounds like something LMFAO would do. Maybe from the same producer?