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Christmas Massacre: Real-Life Piranha Attack In Argentina

I almost tagged this as a “random cool” article, but there’s nothing cool about it…

When we enjoy movies like Piranha, we assume nothing like that can happen in real life. We’re wrong.

More than 60 swimmers have been injured in a mass piranha attack, reports the Daily Mail.

The victims, including more than 20 children, were bitten by the shoal of meat-eating fish in Argentina. A seven-year-old girl lost part of a finger and other swimmers suffered deep cuts to their ankles, fingers and hands.

There are some super graphic images available, as well as the below video.

Explains the site, The attack happened on a sweltering Christmas Day at a popular beach on the Parana River in the city of Rosario, birthplace of the Barcelona striker Lionel Messi. Swimmers trying to cool down in 38C (100F) temperatures raced out of the water bleeding from wounds and shouting for help while the parents of children in the water rushed to their aid to drag them to safety.

Coastguards called paramedics so they could assist the most seriously injured before police temporarily closed off the beach, forcing people out of the water who continued to swim despite the danger.

The attack, blamed on a piranha species called palometas, was the most serious of its kind in the city since 2008 when 40 swimmers were hurt.

Paramedic Gustavo Centurion described them as ‘very aggressive’. The piranha are said to have been attracted by debris left by fishermen.

  • joe666

    “It’s because of violent movies. It screwed up fishes brains.”
    -Some Republican

    • flesheater24

      LMAOOO thats the truth

  • flesheater24

    Thats scary. I hope everyone will be ok.

  • dirtyghettok

    Yes!! Two fists in the air! One step closer to a zombie apocalypse. Who knows, maybe they were zombie fish and just infected sixty people… Hey, I a man can dream.

  • danpolydoris

    To be fair, those kids are all probably going to grow up to be badasses. Nothing like surviving a piranha attack to give you serious street cred.

  • tbaio

    I read about this earlier. Is that crazy or what??

  • Ga5ton

    “Paramedic Gustavo Centurion described them as ‘very aggressive’.” wow, it’s nice to have the opinion of an expert

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