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[Random Cool] “Twin Peaks” Gets Illustrated!

Freelance artist Martin Woutisseth, who created the illustrated “Breaking Bad” video, is back, this time illustrating David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”.

The universe of ‘Twin Peaks’ is so rich that I always wanted to add more symbols, transitions, details,” he explains. “I based my character illustrations on pictures found on the Internet, and put them in a different backgrounds with different light. Kind of like the opening of ‘The Simpsons,’ I wanted to introduce the viewer to the town of ‘Twin Peaks’ and its residents by going from one place to another place with soft transitions, instead of the famous ‘Twin Peaks’ opening titles.

From September until mid December, I worked on ‘Twin Peaks Illustrated’ even harder than “Tokyo/Japanese style”: 12 hours every day with no day off,” he adds. “For the closing titles, instead of using a typical black background like my previous animations, I used an old idea to make it something more original!

Sometimes people comment on my illustrations that they’re just photos with an instant Photoshop filter applied to it. That’s not true. It takes hours to make them and portraits have between 100 to 250 layers! I wanted to show up how many layers I use in something more original and graphic design.

Enjoy his masterful work below.


  • Rake

    Population 51,201? What are they nuts? Anyway it was a good video, it actually shows that Twin Peaks could be just as good or better as a comic or animated series.

  • Darkness69

    This show is timeless. Great artwork!

  • c-s-a78

    I’m watching the gold box of the show.its heeps good.better quality and sound!worth a buy!

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