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Here’s A Handy Video Timeline For ‘Army Of Darkness 2’!!

Those of you following the rumor/fact mill surrounding Army Of Darkness 2 might still have your heads tied in a few knots. A few months back, I published this piece in which I attempted to make sense of all the statements coming from Bruce Campbell and the rest of the camp on the film (which I believe to be in development).

But if you’re looking for a LITERAL timeline – we’ve got one for you now! A few weeks back I sat down with Erin Darling from THEPOPFIX and Ryan Turek from STYD to hammer out the details. Thanks to Erin and her wonderful team for putting the whole thing together!



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  • Vengeful-Pinata

    Why is there anyone out there who still believes this is going to happen? I know the people involved keep saying “Oh, we’re working on a script”, but they’ve been saying that for years. Prior to that, Bruce Campbell has stated over and over again he wouldn’t do another Evil Dead. On his old website, when you clicked on the “Evil Dead” section, there was a soundbite that would kick things off by stating “There will be No Evil Dead 4.” So why do people keep holding out hope? And who would want to see it, anyway? The Evil Dead series is one of my favorites, and has been since I was 12 and first saw “Army of Darkness”, but I have no interest in watching Bruce replay Ash. An “Army of Darkness 2” would play out like the 2011 “Thing”, and just spoil the legacy. I know a lot of “die hard Evil Dead fans” hated the most recent film, but it was true to the spirit of the original, and a totally awesome horror film (even if the ending was a bit “meh”).

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