'Five Ghosts' Writer Brings In Mysterious Killers In 'The White Suits' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Five Ghosts’ Writer Brings In Mysterious Killers In ‘The White Suits’



Writer Frank Barbiere exploded onto the comics scene last year with his pulp hit “Five Ghosts” from Image Comics. Making the rounds today is word of his new series with Dark Horse, “The White Suits”, alongside artist Toby Cypress. The four-issue miniseries debuts in February and it looks damn amazing. Check out some art below and the full interview over at CBR.

Barbiere says, “The White Suits is an action/crime story about a mysterious group of killers known as, you guessed it, The White Suits. The group has history dating back to the Cold War (which we explore in our DHP shorts), but in our present narrative they have resurfaced in NYC and are systematically eliminating the city’s gangs. The crime lords of the city have banded together to deal with the problem, while a rogue FBI agent who has a history with the Suits is plotting her own battle. She’s been on the tail of a man she suspects was once a member and finally corners him, only to discover he has amnesia — so the two of them are on a quest for truth (and revenge) against the Suits. The story is fueled by the mystery of exactly who the White Suits are — which will come to light by the end of the mini-series.”


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