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‘The Last Of Us’ Gets A Nod In GLAAD’s Most Intriguing LGBT Characters Of 2013

Most of us can probably agree that The Last of Us is one of the greatest games on the PlayStation 3 and definitely one of the standout titles from the last generation. It’s a brutal, emotional and somewhat unconventional take on the zombie apocalypse setting, a genre that sees a lot of games (some may argue too many) every year.

In it is a character named Bill. I haven’t met him yet in my playthrough because I only recently got my hands on the game, but it sounds like he sticks with you. Or, at least he did with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). See what GLAAD had to say about Bill after the break.

GLAAD recently posted a LGBT character retrospective from the freshly wrapped up 2013 where they rounded up some of the year’s “most intriguing” LGBT characters. Bill got a nod, along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Captain Ray Holt, The Dallas Buyers Club’s Rayon (played by Jared Leto, who I hear is incredible in it) and Cosima Niehaus from the new BBC series Orphan Black. If you haven’t seen Orphan Black yet, I highly recommend it.

Sadly, video games don’t often introduce us to interesting (or realistic) LGBT characters. It sounds like Bill may buck that unfortunate trend.

“One of the characters the player encounters over the course of the game is Bill, an unstable loner in the town of Lincoln with a talent for fixing things. Through dialogue and backstory, the player learns that Bill once had a partner named Frank who he loved, but the plague drove them apart and led Frank to a bitter end. Both helpful and contentious, Bill is as deeply flawed but wholly unique a gay character found in any storytelling medium this year.”

The list is pretty great, though I would’ve liked to see more standouts, especially in video games. I’ve had my fill of the archetypal straight white male lead. If you haven’t played The Last of Us yet, you may want to get on it. I hear it’s pretty good.




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