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[Random Cool] Horrorgami Cuts Famous Haunted House From Paper!!!

Blood Disgusting reader ‘Alan H.’ just linked me to an incredible discovery where you’ll see 13 original Kirigami works based on infamous haunted locations from film and TV.

These haunted houses were cut from a single sheet of paper!

Paper Dandy writes about the exhibition: “Born from a life long obsession with horror films, Horrorgami was Marc’s first venture into the world of kirigami. Opening at Gallery One-And-A-Half on the 31st Oct 2012 for an initial 2 weeks it ran until January 2013 due to popular demand. The exhibition attracted attention from respected news, arts & cultural magazines and websites such as the BBC, Wired, and Creative Review. It aptly peaked at No13 on Reddit. By the time the show was open to the public Time Out magazine placed Horrorgami at the top of the ‘Hot List’, naming it the ‘best event to visit in London’ that week.”

The Collection
1. Rosemary’s Baby | The Dakota Building 2. Amityville Horror | 112 Ocean Drive 3. The Shining | The Overlook Hotel

4. Psycho | Bates’ Motel 5. The Exorcist | MacNeil Residence 6. Ghostbusters | The Fire Station 7. Dawn of the Dead | Monroeville Shopping Mall

8. The Munsters | 1313 Mocking Bird Lane 9. The Addams Family | 0001 Cemetery Lane 10. Don’t Look Now | Venice

11. The Haunting | Hill House 12. Beetlejuice | Deetz Residence 13. House on Haunted Hill | The Ennis House

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