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‘Lullaby Versions Of Chevelle’ Is Coming! Listen To “I Get It” Now

Fans of hard rockers Chevelle will be delighted to know that they can now share their love of the band with their new born kids by playing them Lullaby Versions Of Chevelle, which comes from the awesome laboratory known as Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star. Below you can listen to “I Get It”, which came from the band’s 2007 album Vena Sera. Personally, I wish I could’ve heard either “The Red” or “Closure” but I’ll take what I can get!

Lullaby Versions Of Chevelle comes out next Tuesday. Pre-order your copy here.

Track list:
1. The Red
2. Face to the Floor
3. Hats Off to the Bull
4. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
5. Send the Pain Below
6. The Clincher
7. Well Enough Alone
8. I Get It
9. Letter From a Thief
10. Jars
11. The Fad
12. Closure



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