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ICYMI: Evan Dickson Calls ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ A Horror Event!

Now in theaters everywhere Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, which has been receiving some strong praise from the horror community.

ICYMI, our own Evan Dickson explained that writer/director Christopher Landon has gotten the series back on track in a big way, delivering an installment that is certainly one of the most entertaining in the series.

Fun, scary and remarkably cinematic within the found footage conceit, The Marked Ones might be the first Paranormal Activity movie that feels like an event film while you’re watching it,” he writes in his review. “Not only does it make up for the abject disappointment of PA4, it manages to tie into the mythology of the series in a way that will invigorate anyone who has ever been a fan.

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  • OhhIDied

    I can’t get passed the terrible acting. I hope this franchise dies soon.

  • anthonyd1

    Entertaining? yes. But it was not that scary just had some creepy scenes

  • Canucklehead

    Went to see this today and it was terrible. It was so boring and the only reason these continue to get made is because idiots like me keep going. Hope I can put a stop to that in 2014.

  • Tomie Kawakami

    How much does Paramount pay you for promoting this 24/7?

  • ThunderDragoon

    I really loved this movie. Glad I’m not the only one.

    • Kwonkicker

      Nope, thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

      • Nothing333

        I thought it was great too.

  • jaxx367

    This was a terrible movie. Everything about it was awful, the plot , the acting, the lame jump scares. It was just all bad. I would definetly compare this to The Devil Inside. Don’t waste your money on this piece of crap movie. If you do decide to see it I suggest you bring along a condom, cause your gunna get screwed, Again LOL

  • Keegsta

    I had a ton of fun with this movie. My only problem with it are two scenes of unnecessary CGI. One involving a skateboard and another I don’t want to spoil. Other than that it’s an overall fun film!

  • tbaio

    I really don’t understand the praise for this movie & the hate for the 4th PA installment. I’m not saying The Marked Ones is a bad movie; in fact, its very well put together. My question is what’s the difference between this one & the last one?? Or the ones before it?? Its more male oriented, that’s for sure, but that’s it. This one, like the last one has characters that interact very well together, & both films end in pretty much the same way. I for one am tired of seeing the wife from part 1 come out & either directly kill the cast or assist in the slaughter. Since part 3, the coven of witches has the same role at the end of the stories…..and The Marked Ones is no different. Again, why so much love for this film as if its unique in any way? The next PA film is going to have to start explaining the coven & coming up with a different conclusion, because these films are yet another example of deja vu.

  • pyrepunk

    I actually really liked this one, I enjoyed the ending I’m big into this kind of horror film though (Found Footage) so this franchise has always been in my favorites even though not at the top of the list, because yeah there are way better found footage films out there. I don’t see why the hype or the hate is so high for these films take them as they are not the best made and cheesy….I love going to see these and listen to all the people who aren’t horror hounds scream and cover their eyes…it’s just fun. I really enjoyed this I think if they wouldn’t hype these so much and have people going in thinking they are seeing the scariest shit ever people would like them more and FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T LIKE THE FIRST 4….WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU GO SEE A 5TH????…….oh yeah people love to bitch and moan…….

    • Nothing333

      You’re completely right. We know what to expect from the series at this point so this leads me to believe a lot of the hate is coming from people who didn’t even check out the flick.

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