ICYMI: Bloody Disgusting Staff Pick Their Best & Worst Horror Films Of 2013! - Bloody Disgusting!

ICYMI: Bloody Disgusting Staff Pick Their Best & Worst Horror Films Of 2013!

Welcome to what should be a horrific 2014!

Bloody Disgusting has been hard at work giving you quality year-end content to dig through during the holidays, and it’s officially come to an end.

In addition to our 2014 Horror Movie Preview piece, our entire staff spent long hours preparing their own picks for the BEST and WORST horror films of 2013. In addition to the staff picks, Evan Dickson created his picks for best posters, performances and trailers, while Wolfman shared his thoughts on the festival scene, and Mike Pereira got HD with his favorite Blu-rays.

ICYMI, below is a complete list of all our features. What were some of your favorite films of the year? Did we miss any really cool indies that you want other readers to see? How about Blu-rays?

Mr. Disgusting (Best/Indie) | Evan Dickson (Best) | The Wolfman (Festival Favorites) | Patrick Cooper (Best)
Lonmonster (Best/Worst) | Lauren Taylor (Best/Worst) | Ryan Daley (Best Novels) | Mike P. (Best Blu-rays)
Best Posters | Best Performances | Best Trailers | Best Albums

  • Edduardoa

    How the fuck didnt Jane Levy enter in the best performances list? She was amazing in Evil Dead

    • djblack1313

      @Edduardoa, i agree! Levy most definitely without a doubt deserves to be in the best performances list.

  • WineandWatch

    I just made my first attempt at a Best & Worst List. It’s a little long-winded but let me know what you think! Also, completely agree about Levy. Have y’all seen her on Suburgatory! Hilarious! It’s nice to know she can do comedy as well as drama.