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6 Amazing Horror Movies More People Need To See!

Bloody Disgusting’s Remy Carreiro writes in: Being a huge fan of horror, I tend to notice one thing when people recommend horror movies to one another. Horror fans always recommend the same movies. People bring up The Exorcist weekly, as if no scary or decent horror movies were made since that (frankly, horrifying) movie. The reality is, there are tons of great horror movies out there that somehow have managed to fly just under most people’s radar. The horror movies that kick ass and take names, yet no one seems to ever talk about or recommend. Well, I am here to change that. As you guys recall from my last article, I am a big fan of foreign horror, so expect to see a few more foreign horror movies on this list as well. Here are six horror movies more people NEED to see.


Do you know how Quentin Tarantino kept talking about the brilliant movie, Big Bad Wolves from this year, saying it was easily the best movie of 2013? Big Bad Wolves is directed by  Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, and Rabies was their first movie. Not only their first film, but the first Israeli horror film ever made. That having been said, I would dare call it brilliant. Rabies feels like what would happen if Quentin Tarantino would make a horror movie with Park Chan-wook. Yes. I am heaping that amount of praise on it. Rabies takes what you expect from a “horror” film and flips it upside down, then ravages it in front of its family. Yes, it’s like THAT.

First of all, take the storytelling from something like Pulp Fiction, where we have intertwining lives that are impacting each other, though none of them know it. Rabies is about a brother and sister who run away from home into the woods, and this sets up them crossing paths with three other groups. It is a film filled with “they did NOT just do that, did they” moments, where you are in genuine shock at the dark turns this movie takes without warning. It is brutal. It is, at times, ironic. It is unflinching. Above all else, Rabies is a horror movie the likes if which you have never experienced.

Strap in tight when you watch this one, folks, because it is one helluva bumpy ride.

Man Bites Dog

A Belgian, mockumentary, black comedy, horror film that follows the exploits of one serial killer as he goes around and does his deeds. While the idea of a mockumentary following a serial killer may not seem that new or exciting (Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is another great example), what makes Man Bites Dog so amazing is that it came out in 1992. Yup. Way before The Blair Witch kicked the “found footage” horror genre into high gear, Man Bites Dog did it first, and did it in a time when many people still thought this stuff was real. It is a biting social commentary on the passive nature of the “viewer”, and just how manipulated we can all get as viewers. In this case, being manipulated into more than just seeing. Being manipulated into doing.

Man Bites Dog follows Ben. An oddly charismatic young serial killer, who gets followed by a camera crew as he expunges on (and shows us) the art of killing. It is off-puttingly funny at times, and incredibly stark and realistic in others. Man Bites Dog DOES feel like snuff from time to time. The jokes do break that up a bit, though. That strange balance it strikes is one of the main reasons it works, though. It finds a perfect blend and and balance between disturbing and funny, and it rides that line the entire length of the film.

What makes the movie so haunting and memorable is how Ben manipulates the crew over time. They start out as witnesses. Shocked and bothered witnesses. But over time, they sort of evolve (devolve) into what Ben is. It is the one film (besides Funny Games) that begs the question:

At what point do we go from being a voyeur to being involved?


Sometimes, strange, scary, or surreal things happen to us when we are younger, and we grow up having never talked about it. We keep it inside us like some burning ember that just scars us, silently. That is what Altered deals with. It also deals with aliens. The kicker with Altered is, it is one of the few alien movies done right. It is directed by Eduardo Sanchez (co-director of Blair Witch and the brilliant and criminally underrated Lovely Molly) and puts a nice spin on the alien abduction story. This time, humans abduct the alien.

When I recommend movies that people haven’t seen, I like to be vague. I want you to WANT to see the story, but I refuse  to ruin it. The long story short here is these guys who find this alien also experienced one of their friends being killed by an alien when they were younger, so it ends up being a sort of interstellar revenge movie. Things obviously get complicated quickly, and the plan does not quite unfold how they all want it to. At times, it is funny. At other times, brutal. But one thing that most people agree about Altered once they see it is, it is undeniably entertaining.

Funny side note. The film was originally entitled Probed and was going to be an homage to Evil Dead and Troma films. It evolved into something more than that, though. Also, please see Lovely Molly. Seriously. Those two movies have cemented Sanchez as one of my favorite horror directors. Seriously.


Sorry of that title screws you up, but I wanted to cover all bases. Sometimes this movie is called Livid, and sometimes it is called Livide. I talked about Inside in my last article here, so you know I had to discuss those directors (  Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo) follow-up to that amazing horror movie.

Livid is not as extreme as Inside, but it is entirely just as memorable. Honestly, I will use a word to describe Livid that you will not likely see being used to describe horror very often. Beautiful. Honestly, the  movie is beautiful. Sometimes it feels more like a fable or fairty tale than a horror movie. Then someone gets their throat slashed and you remember, oh yeah, this is horror. Please don’t let that description put you off. The French have never let you down with their horror before, and they wont start with Livid.

Livid is about a girl named Lucy (played by one of the most stunning woman in the world, Chloé Coulloud) who is a care taker for an ill old woman. She comes to find out there may be an artifact worth great money in the house, and she decides to come back late one night with a couple of friends to see if they can find it and break out of their financial rut they have all been in. Ofcourse, as is the case with most good horror, be careful when you go looking where you shouldn’t.

It may start slow, but once things pick up, it is hard not to be magnetized to this film. We find out the old lady she is caring for may not quite be who we thought she was, and this house itself has a bit of a sordid history. Oh, and there are ballerina vampires. That may sound lame, but trust me, there are a couple scenes with them that are visually stunning and wholly unforgettable.

Just excuse the ending. Everything in this movie is perfect until that final shot, when it all turns into a fucking Disney movie. But seriously, if you can look past that, you will love Livid.

Oh, and Beatrice Dalle is in it, too. Because you can’t do good French horror with Beatrice Dalle.

Kill List

I will say this right now. I think Ben Wheatley might just be our brightest ray of hope in horror right now. I have seen four Wheatley films in just as many years, and each one has impacted me in a different way. Sightseers from this year was hilariously cynical and brilliant. A Field in England (from this year) was also brilliant, but in an entirely different way. Trippy as hell, that is a movie that needs multiple viewings to really appreciate. Down Terrace was genius, building pace perfectly. Then we have Kill List. A film I truly thought was one of the best movies from 2012.

I know BloodyDisgusting has already told many of you how great this film is, but I need to reiterate it. Kill List IS The Wicker Man of our generation. No, not the remake, which is to say, NOT THE BEES! No, I mean the original. A movie where you really don’t have any inkling what is going on until the final frame, but that final frame just drops your jaw. Hell, I cannot recall a horror movie that has a better ending than Kill List. Honestly. The last twenty minutes of that movie is like nothing else, and doesn’t even give you a second to come up for air.

So for those of you who don’t know, Kill List follows Jay and Gal (former soldiers turned hitmen) who are looking to do one final set of jobs so they can get on with their lives. We learn quickly that Jay seems to take a little bit of pleasure from killing, even if it is business. Things get more and more cryptic and vague (all the people he is set to kill say “thank you” to him right before he kills them, as just one example) and the film boils up to a conclusion that will leave a bad taste in your mouth, and a new appreciation for just how good horror can be. You think Kill List is a slow burn, but you look down and realize you are blistered and it is anything but.

Cold Fish

From 2010, Cold Fish is much like Kill List in the sense that initially, you will have no idea what is going on or what anyone’s true motives are. But much like Kill List, by the time it ends, you will be exhausted and eviscerated.

Cold Fish begins with a girl stealing from a  fish store. The meek mannered (haha hardly) owner tells her parents that there is no need to press charges. He says the young girl can work in his store now and can work off what she did, while also learning a thing or two about manners. What happens next is the two families get mixed up with one another, and we find out the owner of the store where the daughter stole is a serial killer (based loosely on a real life Japanese serial killer couple who owned a pet store and are said to have killed at least four) and his actions get more and more depraved and insane.

It may seem a simple premise, but do not undermine it. This movie is a lot like I Saw the Devil (the South Korean revenge thriller) in pacing and just how brutal the gore gets. On top of all that, though, is an incredibly engrossing story about how easy it can be to fall on the wrong side of the tracks, and how hard it is to pick yourself back up and walk away from that. Is Cold Fish disturbing? Yes. Intensely so. But it is also and unforgettable film, and a great way to end this list.

So what horror movies do YOU think more people need to see? Hit up the comments and let us know.

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  • diapers

    Cool, the only one of these I’ve seen is Kill List. Will attempt to check out the rest.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Livid is awesome. I love that movie. I have to be honest, I didn’t enjoy Lovely Molly at all. I didn’t really understand it (forgive me, I’m stupid). I, too, try not to recommend widely known titles to people. If someone who’s into horror but only familiar with well known stuff is looking for horror or thriller movies, I usually recommend stuff like Frailty, The Caller, (REC), The Abandoned, the original Black Christmas and more recently +1, which is a cool movie. It’s not outright horror, but it’s a fun, thrilling flick.

    • Remy Carreiro

      Those are some great recommendations.

    • chambertlo

      Lovely Molly was a disappointment, IMO. the whole movie just seemed like a missed opportunity and could have done some truly creepy things with the premise, but ended up taking itself way too freaking seriously. I didn’t get it either, so don’t feel too bad.

      • Remy Carreiro

        I found the ambiguity of it helped drive home that feeling of insanity that had us asking: Is this real, or is she a druggie freak?
        That, to me, is why it worked.

  • djblack1313

    LIVID is pretty good-ish for the most part. the creature feature ending got a bit cheesy (especially when compared to the first half of the film which is creepy and atmospheric) but it’s still an overall solid flick. just don’t expect INSIDE level awesomeness.

    • djblack1313

      when it comes to recommending movies to people i will recommend what the person is looking for. if they want spooky, atmospheric and not gory, i will always recommend THE CHANGELING from 1980 or THE EXORCIST III, etc, etc. it just depends on what the person is looking for & vice versa.

      oh, regarding KILL LIST, i’ve heard more negative than i have positive with that movie. just sayin’.

      • Remy Carreiro

        To write a movie off because of what you have heard, as oppose to seeing it for yourself and judging it on its own merits sort of undermines any other suggestions you made. Also,a bit odd to comment on your own comment. Just saying.

        • djblack1313

          @Remy Carreiro,

          1. i never said that i was or wasn’t interested in seeing KILL LIST (or ANY movie!) based on reviews/what i’ve heard about it. you jumped to a conclusion.

          2. regarding my commenting on my own comment…do you see an “edit” feature/button included in the comments section? no you don’t. there isn’t one. i posted my initial comment and then wanted to add something else to that comment. if you know of another way that a person can edit/add something to an already posted comment i’d love to learn how to do it.

          hence my 2nd comment. just sayin’. 🙂

          • Remy Carreiro

            Touche’. I can respect that.

      • Josh

        Kill List is on Netflix Instant and is only 90 minutes long. Its worth a shot.

      • ClericMarshall

        I loved The Changeling, imo one of the best ghost movies out there, as for The Exorcist 3, I liked it, many people just don’t care to watch it because of the name, but if you watch it without thanking of The Exorcist and watch it as a stand a lone movie you get a decent slasher movie.

  • morehorror4me

    In no particular order/preferrence…
    Bedevilled. The Abandoned. Burnt Offerings. Dead and Buried. Grabbers. Resolution. Citadel. Hardware. Spiral. Home Movie.

    • dr.lamb

      Looking at imdb, I see that Burnt Offerings gets a lot of flack from the people/critics. I dunno why, that movie is brilliantly creepy.

    • lovezoid

      I second Citadel, what a brilliant film.

    • Remy Carreiro

      If you check out Unreality, then WeGotThisCovered, then my site, RemyCarreiro,com, you will see I agree with you. Grabbers and Bedevilled being two I mention quite a bit.
      Great calls!

    • ClericMarshall

      Haven’t seen Burnt Offerings, Resolution and Home Movie, Look forward to them.

      +1 to Hardware and Grabbers, we don’t see them mentioned a lot and both are fun movies, specially Grabbers, It was hilarious, up there with Slither.

  • DisturBing

    Altered was a great movie, so I’ll have to check out the rest!

  • lucscs100

    One that I usually recommend is the VERY underrated Dread, from 2009. I know the film isn’t exactly unknown and I know many people who have seen it, but general mainstream public seem not to know it very often.

    • Remy Carreiro

      Been obsessed with that story since I was a kid. Seriously, it is based on a Clive Barker story of the same name, and the movie did a great job at retelling it. I agree big time with this one.

    • ClericMarshall

      I didn’t like Dread, the movie felt like it was struggling between being a psy thriller and a slasher flick, also I found the main characters to be unlikable but thats just my opinion.

  • David

    vivid was really good. beatrice dalle is like (to me) the french lindsey lohan what with stealing jewels, doing alot of cocaine, and destroying expensive dresses. she’s a train wreck and i love her.

    • David

      err, i mean livid

    • Remy Carreiro

      Hahaha, nicely put.

  • lovezoid

    While I wouldn’t class them as horror, I highly recommend Ben Wheatley, director of Kill List’s 2 other films – Down Terrace and Sightseers. I saw them both recently, not realising they were by the same guy, and was absolutely stoked with them. Really funny, twisted, unconventional stuff.

    Also, regarding little known horror films, I’ll put forward a New Zealand surrealistic horror called ‘Wound’ from 2010 if you can track it down. Very intense, disturbing and graphic but quite brilliant.

    • Remy Carreiro

      Wheatley is a god to me. Glad I am not the only one. Will look into Wound. Sounds intruiging (I LOVE surreal horror). Have you seen Beyond the Black Rainbow??

      • lovezoid

        If you liked Beyond the Black Rainbow, Wound is definitely right up your alley.

      • Josh

        Beyond the Black Rainbow was pretty awful. I was very intrigued by the marketing and was very excited by the chance to see it in theaters but is a vapid waste.

        • lovezoid

          I actually didn’t care for BTBR much myself either. Thought Wound was far superior, but I would consider them both in the same family of surreal, abstract horror films.

          ‘Where the Dead Go to Die’ is another interesting member of that family, a very sick little animated anthology which I wasn’t at all prepared for. Worth a look but is a bit of an endurance contest at times, and probably wouldn’t mix well with psychedelic drugs.

        • Remy Carreiro

          Not to undermine myself or sound like I’m fifteen here, but ingesting drugs and enjoying that film go hand in hand.

          • lovezoid

            Ha yeah to be honest I can see how that’d work, I must admit when I experienced ‘Wound’ I was heavily under the influence, a very fortunate coincidence. Cheers for the list, some goodies on there, have seen most of them but will check out ‘Clean, Shaven’ and been meaning to do ‘Peeping Tom’ for a while.

      • djblack1313

        @Remy Carreiro, now i know why you kinda jumped on my comment about KILL LIST (in which you jumped to the wrong conclusion). you’re either Wheatley himself and is hypersensitive about someone maybe not wanting to see your movies or your a bit of a hypersensitive Wheatley fan.

        just sayin’.

        • Remy Carreiro

          Kinda wish I was Wheatley, so that makes me the latter, I guess.

    • ClericMarshall

      I really wanted to like Wound but i just couldn’t get hooked on the movie, maybe i’m not a surreal horror kinda guy, although I did enjoy Antiviral and Excision, but that could be because they most likely had more budget than Wound.

  • tbaio

    Man Bites Dog! Watching it once was enough for me. Thanks for the list.

  • CosmicAvenger

    Cold Fish is really good, no joke. I first saw it on Netflix streaming. Btw it’s still available to watch there, so get over there and watch it. Do it.

  • Trioxin83

    Altered and Kill List are so good!! I’ll have to check out Livid soon

  • A-Devils-Reject

    All of these are awesome movies. One I think deserves more recognition is Dream Home out of Hong Kong. ‘The Living and the Dead’ and ‘Red, White, and Blue’ also are two other greatly depressing horror-drama movies from Simon Rumley that I wish were more widespread.

    • divisionbell

      Red, White and Blue was an excellent surprise of a film!!

      This was a good list. I really liked Kill list, Altered and Man Bites Dog. But I have to say I was extremely disappointed by Livid. Great premise and some good scenes but overall I thought it was pretty dull and pointless.

    • Remy Carreiro

      The only reason Red,White, and Blue isn’t on this list is because I just wrote it up here:
      I love you, people.

      • A-Devils-Reject

        Excellent write-up. I didn’t think any movie could compete with Irreversible for making me want to take a neverending shower, but RWaB came close.

    • wildgator25

      I have to second Dream Home. Also, Macabre (Darah) was absolutely awesome as well.

    • ClericMarshall

      I third Dream Home, that one plus Bedevilled, Cold Fish and I Saw the Devil, where in my top Asian horror/thriller of 2010, fans of the genre those are a must watch.

  • undertaker78

    Great list. Other good movies for those looking are: Splinter, Fido, Feast, Pontypool, Leviathan, The Relic and Pitch Black.

    • lovezoid

      PONTYPOOL + 1,000,000

      My favourite zombie movie, and one of my favourite movies in general. Leviathan is great too, forgotten gem I just discovered a couple months back. I won’t spoil it but it is worth seeing just for Peter Weller’s reaction to that lady in the final scenes, regardless of the awesome creature effects etc…

    • Remy Carreiro
    • ClericMarshall

      +1 to your list, seen em all and they are great, would also recommend them.

      The Relic takes me back, I was about 13 when it came out and got to see it in the cinema and those where the times when I was getting into horror movies so I enjoyed that cheesy flick.

  • monkeyofdoom

    ‘criminally underrated Lovely Molly’ I 100% agree on that

  • Mr James

    Kill List and pretty much everything else by Ben Wheatley is excellent. For what it’s worth – Creep, Frontiers and I know I’ll get panned for this but… Session 9

    • Remy Carreiro

      NO way, I broke into Hospital Session 9 was based on. Scariest f*cking experience of my life. Great choices.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      Not enough people see Session 9, and even less people get it. I thought it was a total mind f*ck, loved it.

  • shelly84

    Goin after all this movies now….. I ve just watched 2 of those before. Great article….

    • Remy Carreiro


  • ClericMarshall

    I don’t know how many people have seen this movie but I recently watched it and was blown away of how good it was, the movie is Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes), it’s a really creepy and somewhat romantic Spanish movie.
    As for other movies, Deadgirl, The Signal, Reeker, Timecrimes (another Spanish movie), those are the ones that come to me for now.

    • Remy Carreiro

      Sleep Tight is f*cking amazing. Such a twisted concept.
      Deadgirl was about as awesome as necrophilia zombie movies can get (though it was so much more than that.)
      The Signal is one of my faves of all time. Have written it up many times on my own site and Unreality, as well as in my Last Stand column I do over at WeGotThisCovered with Matt Donato.
      Reeker was far better than I expected it to be.
      Timecrimes is up there with Primer as best time travel movies of all time.
      You and I wold get along.

      • Remy Carreiro

        If I knew how to spell “would” right, that is.

      • ClericMarshall

        Hah it’s ok my English is terrible, English is not my main language but i try to be understandable.

        Yeah those are the movies that I watched recently and was left satisfied with what i saw.
        The biggest surprise to me was Reeker, I was expecting the worst and got s decent movie out of it.
        Timecrimes while not exactly a horror movie it was an great thriller, I would also put it in my top time travel movies of all time, I haven’t seen Primer but seeing as you put it as one of the best I can’t wait to watch it.

  • sadiesaidhorror

    Wow, what an awesome discussion. Just added about 6 movies to my watch list. Sweet!

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    What you said about the end of Livid is how I felt with Insidious and Mama. Like, they started out really cool, then turned into The Muppet Movie.

  • home2213

    How on earth can I watch the movie Livid??? I live in the US and I have not been able to find any way to watch this movie???? I need to see this, HELP!

    • jasonlecter

      you can’t download the film ?

  • HS3

    Thanks for he recommendations. I found that you are on the mark with your review of Rabid. I might be a bit bias being that I am Israeli.
    Your audience might want to look for Shutter(2004), a great Thai horror film with great performances and that all shocking ending of which you seem to be so enamored. Not to be confused with the stupid 2008 american remake.
    Then there is Them(2006) a French-Romanian co production that approaches the stalking of its titular characters with such nonchalance as to heighten the creep factor.
    Finally, If you prefer a good Santa Clause story, you should be checking out Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale(2010). Loosely based on Scandinavian folklore, where Odin is an early version of Santa, this movie is equal parts Fun and Horror.

  • Kr1z

    Tnx for the recomendations.
    Gonna enjoy watching them.
    I would like to ad some too:

    They Came from Within
    Body Melt
    John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns (masters of Horror)
    Dreams in the Witch-House (masters of Horror)
    Rest Stop (most folks hate thise one, but i like it ; it feels like a nightmare)
    Mulberry St
    The Broken
    Alien Raiders
    Dead Set
    Perkins’ 14
    The Horde
    The Dead

  • Kr1z

    And more recent:
    The Day
    The Revenant
    Jug Face
    The Battery
    Abc`s of death
    John Dies at the End
    Chernobyl Diaries
    Paradise Love (not a horrormovie, but still horrorfying 😉 )

  • Kr1z

    Yes Chernobyl Diaries , i`m a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. player 😉

  • ChrisWeston

    Seen Man Bites Dog, Kill List and Livid. Kill List is probably the best horror film I’ve seen in years, wasn’t too impressed with Man Bites Dog but had really high expectations of it, and I really enjoyed Livid. Just bought Altered and Rabies to watch. One to watch is ‘Marebito’, which is insaely under-rated

  • rockinrob3928

    I really liked the films Carver and Dark Remains. I randomly came across them at hastings and they were insanely good for how low budget they were. Also Lada Land was a pretty good one.

  • lollipopstewart

    Aprecciate the sugesstions I have seen livid and kill list both great movies, still scratching my head over kill list though were they all involved !!!! Session 9 was as previously stated Complete mind f**k seen it 3 times still unsure of what went on, I suggest lake mungo for those of you who have not seen it its pretty creepy, has a good story and is something a Bit different you ain’t seen a movie like it. I would also recommend the hamiltons , frontiers, babysitters wanted,dead girl,house of the devil, all lesser known moves worth watching !!! My mission in life is the find the ultimate scary movies 🙂 can anyone reccomnd any really scary films I won’t have seen ? Seen lovely molly wasn’t that impressed was just OK !

  • awsome movies , but I like Kill List

  • DeadInHell

    “I cannot recall a horror movie that has a better ending than Kill List.”

    You should probably brush up on your horror then, because the ending to this film is not even slightly notable. Even if it hadn’t been done before (which it has), it’s just a lame nonsensical “gotcha!” twist thrown in to shock the audience. It’s amateurish tryhard rubbish.

    • Remy Carreiro

      Ok champ.

      • corpus vile

        To each their own mate, but I gotta agree with Dead. If it worked for you though then well & good.

    • ellenpdx

      Agreed. Thank You Dead… can I call you that for short? 😉

    • corpus vile

      I wasn’t a fan of Kill List at all actually, just did nothing for me.

  • AshleyXD

    horror movies just aren’t scary anymore :/ i need something that hasn’t ever been done

    • Endangered Clones

      stop seeing mainstream movies…move on to the next level..

  • Endangered Clones

    nice list…specially altered and kill list….unique and unpredictable…
    tell you what malefique is what you missed and i will say it’s the most underrated movie i saw in my whole life..wish there were more movies like these…and maybe some like a perfect host..

  • corpus vile

    Cold Fish was great & I quite liked Altered. I’ve seen all of those except Livide. People should check out Big Bad Wolves from the makers of Rabies, it’s really good.

  • Phil Wall

    Livid was hugely disappointing coming after inside. It was watchable though.

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