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[Exclusive] Stream And Download Hidden Speaker’s “Hiss Citrus”

Full disclosure: Hidden Speaker features Bloody-Disgusting co-editor Evan Dickson.

While Bloody-Disgusting is, for us writers, a huge part of our lives, we also have things that we do outside of the site (shocking, right?). For some of us it’s crocheting (I’m looking at you, Adam), for others it’s yelling on Twitter about sports (COUGH Mr. Disgusting COUGH). But for co-editor Evan Dickson, it’s all about the music. Evan leads Hidden Speaker, an alt-rock band that is heavily influenced by such artists as Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Sonic Youth, Pavement, and more. It ranges from spacey, psychedelic material to rocking out to introspective melodies. It’s definitely all from the mind of someone who appreciates music as being an extension of emotion and intelligence, not just something to make toes tap and heads nod.

And having said all that, we’re really excited to give you a glance into Evan’s passion by giving you a first listen to “Hiss Citrus”, which comes from his new album Wet Recluse! Go on below and give the song a listen and then download it for free if you like it!

Also, if you really enjoy the song, make sure to download the full album on Bandcamp, where you can also get it for 50% off until 7pm EST, today only! Just type the word ‘bloody’ into the discount field when purchasing it and the album is yours for only $3.50!

From Evan: “It had been a long time since I made a record (the last two Hidden Speaker releases were issued quite some time ago, though two years ago they were reissued after being compiled into a single release). Out in LA I didn’t have a band to speak of, so I was going to have to do most of the instruments myself on my computer – a slightly higher tech version of what I did in high school on my 4-track. This whole project is meant to be fun, and that’s actually a fun way of working for me.

I think “Hiss Citrus” is a great intro for BD readers because, to me at least, it’s sort of a creepy tune. The album is full of darker stuff (along with a lot of lighter stuff), but this number comes right in the middle of a 3 song suite that’s kind of the most queasy part of the record. It’s not the heaviest or most distorted song on there, but it has this confused psychedelic sterility that I find kind of unsettling. Not to mention the fact that there are three simultaneous vocal parts all singing different lyrics. I’m not an accomplished slide guitar player, so when I pull it out it’s usually to make some f*cked up noisy stuff.

A lot of the other songs feature contributions from my friends/bandmembers – but this one is 100% me. Just messing around in my closet/office space.

Hidden Speaker on-line:
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