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Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt Opens Up About New Album

Mikael Akerfeldt, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter of Swedish progressive metal band Opeth, has opened up about the band’s upcoming album in an interview with Decibel Magazine.

Akerfeldt states, “I have about six songs done and another two or three just started, plus a million ideas that I haven’t processed yet. Some songs are simple and stripped-down, while others are epic in the true sense of the word. Business as usual, hopefully with unusual music.

He continues, “Some of these things could easily be done with synthetic sounds or effects, but recording the Storm Corrosion LP with Steven Wilson made me realize what a massive difference it can mean to incorporate the real shit. I’m semi-pretentious in my songwriting and sometimes I go all in. I think it’s time for ‘all in’ with strings and the full monty. Hopefully it won’t be a mess.

Read on for more details.

One of the things that fills me a great deal of excitement and anticipation is the fact that Akerfeldt states that one of the songs will be hugely inspired by Suspiria composers Goblin!

It’s a jam I came up with during the Mastodon/Ghost tour that we ended up soundchecking. After a few days, you’d hear people in the corridors humming it. It’s a fucking hit! But basically it’s a not-so-subtle headbanging-type nod in Goblin’s direction. And to avoid confusion, the song is even called “Goblin”. My rip-off deteriorates mid-song and becomes fusion-esque darkened prog rock like Mahavishnu or ELP (yikes!). But it swings! It really does.

Akerfeldt states that the album will be heavier than 2011’s Heritage and will feature some “sinister-sounding riffs”. There is no confirmed release date.



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