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[Random Cool] Shocking Side-By-Side Poster Comparisons Show Lazy Design…

Good Bad Flicks shared a fun new video in which they ask, “WTF happened to movie posters?”

While I don’t wholly agree with their biased stance – especially since they take no time to share all of the great movies posters over the past decade – it’s really fun to see the side-by-side comparisons of similar posters in various genres.

How lazy have movie posters become? Watch and see…



  • DarrelDreadful

    I remember back in the day, I would go to movies and walk around the theater before my movie started and just look at all the cool posters. It was a time that the poster would have me interested in seeing a movie, even if I never saw a trailer. I guess you could say I don’t do much of that anymore. The mainstream posters today really are blah and lack creativity, but some are still magnificent. What kills me is the remake of NOES and Friday13th posters.. same tagline and everything lol

  • lilmarkuk

    I totally agree, I used to love old vhs covers from the 80s, even game/cassette covers from my Amstrad cpc 464 and c64

  • Jasonicus

    I used to collect posters all the time when I was younger. They were wonderfully done. Todays posters I barely look at. It’s a shame.

  • Adam Dodd

    Video game box art has the same issue. The last ten years have seen an inordinate amount of “white man with gun looking solemn” on the cover. It’s annoying.

  • David

    80s posters were the best. i went through a phase collecting them off ebay. the worst was the ones from the late 90s and the scream wanna-be knock offs with the faces of the cast all arranged around each other. cheap looking.

  • lucscs100

    Some new posters I really liked were Wolf Creek, V/H/S, The Descent, The Cabin in The Woods, Dark Skies, Maniac, The Last Exorcism, In Fear, You’re Next, A Tale of Two Sisters, Cloverfield and The Hills Have Eyes

  • SonOfVoorhees

    The thing is even though we all know what Freddy and Jason look like, you still want a more mysterious poster that hints at the character. Dont get why they have to spell it out for you day one, we have trailers that show all the good bits from the movie and now have posters that give away the main baddie.

    • divisionbell

      Yeah but in those cases we do ALL know the main baddies and the covers felt like they were just trying to celebrate the characters we all want to see. Jason in the foggy woods where he should be, and Freddy showing off his glove and evil grin.

  • Ravinus

    Case and point.

  • djblack1313

    i really liked this video. so many posters/movies come and go so fast that unless it’s a poster that i completely love i tend to forget most of them. i never really noticed many of the points that this video perfectly brought up.

    i especially loved the part at the end where the narrator mentions that tons and tons of fan made art is not only EXTREMELY well done but in many cases it’s blowing the “professional” posters out of the water. true indeed. 🙂

  • Darkness69

    I had the Exorcist poster in my room for solid 10 years and it never ceased to amaze me (got it down for reframing) – plus when I remember all the good VHS covers, like Evil Dead 2, or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It’s true what they say in the video, now it’s all generic.

  • huntermc

    I can’t stand the fucking “floating heads” posters as they describe in the video. To me, that’s just the height of lazy design.

  • pyrepunk

    I don’t think all video game posters today are all the same, yeah the sports and call of duty ones are but the original Bioshock poster had the awesome Big Daddy and Little Sister on it, idk who the fuck decided to make the new cover though but the game had so much awesome stuff Infinite could’ve had an amazing poster that really emphasized the game most horror and indie games have pretty decent artwork most of the time as well

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