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Satanic Church Aims To Build The Most Metal Statue In Oklahoma

If you haven’t heard, The Satanic Temple is trying to get a 7-foot tall monument depicting the goat-headed Baphoment with two smiling children erected in front of the Oklahoma Statehouse. This is a response to the Statehouse having a monument with the Ten Commandments on the grounds.

Spokesman Lucien Greaves explains, “The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond. The statue will serve as a beacon calling for compassion and empathy among all living creatures. The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.

Now, let me make it 100% clear that I’m not trying to start a discussion on the separation of Church and State or freedom of religion here. If you want to get into that kind of discussion, feel free to head on over here. Rather, I want to call attention to the fact that this statue is one of the most badass, metal statues I’ve seen. Seriously, head on below and look at that slab of stony awesomeness! I’d sit on Baphomet’s lap, pop in some headphones, and start blasting some Behemoth. Bring it on.



  • jack

    I noticed this post and read it and found it somewhat interesting.

    Then I realized it was written by Jonathan Barkan and I became unsure of all in the world I hold to be true.


    • JonathanBarkan

      It’s okay. Do you want to talk about it? Y’know, let it out?

      • jack

        i just did. didn’t wanna overdo it.

        you’re taking it too far now though.

        • JonathanBarkan

          Okay, no worries. We’ll take it slow.

    • TheDragon

      This is being talked about in most of the Conservative political websites as well and it is not a joke. Its an equal rights type issue. betting pools are already forming on how long it will last, how much vandalism and if it will be stolen… Its become rather amusing actually. The anti religion types are OK with it so the pro religion types are claiming the anti religion crowd is actually a bunch of Devil worshippers… Loons on the left and fools on the right and none of them are getting it, that they are proving that they both are wrong, they are twisting the teachings and demands for acceptance into strange and horrid shapes… Politics and religion….

  • Kane Soto

    CNN has been reporting on this since its original announcement that they wanted to build a monument and i support it 100% Hail Satan!

  • diapers

    I would definitely road trip to Oklahoma to sit in Satan’s lap. Hail Satan!

  • Darkness69

    Beyond awesome! Not a satanist, but I think they should have their own monuments as well – not to mention the totally badass nature of it!

  • thedragon803

    Lame. Satan is so 80’s. Now a statue of Cthulhu, that would be BADASS!

    • Ga5ton

      I also think they should have their own monuments. Plus, this one looks pretty rad! I wan’t a picture with it

    • Ga5ton

      Sorry i replied you accidentally xD. Anyway, that’s not a bad idea, but it would need to be gigantic to capture it’s greatness and it should have it’s own island like the statue of liberty, to be near the water….. Damn, i’m already visualizing the project…

    • HorrorFancy

      Cthulhu! Statue would have to be three-floors minimum.


    Satanism has always had me scratching my head… but I’m not going there today. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if the statue is actually put up. Wouldn’t be very surprised these days

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    It’s so funny how all people try to act like satanism is something dark and evil when the actual religion is basically a call for individualism and embracing our animal nature. Here’s an overview for anyone interested:

  • aka_scream

    I think this would be great but unfortunately OK is in the bible belt. I used to live in SE Kansas but it so SE that I could drive 5 minutes and be in OK. Most people in that area are sadly quite judgmental. I used to be scrutinized a lot when I lived there. Even threatened to be beaten up by a guy before. Oh well. I still think this would be awesome!

  • Beneviolence

    Not to be a bore, but these guys could give a rat’s ass about Satan. They are using this absurd statue to bring attention to the violation of the freedom of/from religion; if you put up one religious icon in this country, ya gotta put up all of them.

    If they don’t take down the ten commandments, time to start a kick-starter for a $100,000 Cthulhu monument for sure.

    • TheDragon

      there is no such thing as freedom from religion, everyone has the right to practice their own religion. the Ten Commandments are hailed as the basis of Western Law which is why they are so important in the US. But people who have not read the Federalist Papers always try to twist this out of context. The Federalist Papers explain In DETAIL every pint of the Bill of Rights, BY THE PEOPLE who WROTE the Bill of Rights. Go argue this with THEM.

  • Mormo Zine

    The Church Of Satan has come out against Satanic Temples statue calling it “crude”, “ugly”, and “pedophilic”.

  • Darkness69

    Oh, wow, Cthulhu would be FANTASTIC! Of course, as @HorrorFancy pointed out, it would have to be huge.

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