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The Crow Came Back As The Singer Of Caliban

German metalcore band Caliban has released an official music video for “Devil’s Night”, which comes from their upcoming 9th studio album Ghost Empire (out January 24th via Century Media Records). The video is almost entirely performance footage of the band inside a church and holy hell does vocalist Andreas Dörner look like The Crow. He’s got the makeup, the goth-y attire, and he’s in a band. It’s Eric Draven all over again.

Check it out down yonder.



  • Bouncy X

    i was enjoying the song til the guy started to sing. i just don’t get this “scream/sing like a monster” trend. i guess some kiddies enjoy it but yeah, its just weird and hides/ruins whatever talent the band may have.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I know that screaming/growling can be a really big turn off for several people. However, I think it takes a lot of talent to pull that off consistently and, in the case of many of these vocalists, switch on the spot to a clean method. It really impresses me!

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