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Razer’s Project Christine Could Revolutionize PC Gaming



I’m going to set aside my fear of naming machinery Christine for a moment to discuss the potentially revolutionary gizmo that Razer recently showed off at CES. Code-named Project Christine, it’s a concept for a modular PC that offers a “revolutionary new concept design that will change the way users view PCs” by removing the barrier of entry that comes with upgrading, customizing, and maintaining one. Buying a high-end PC can be stressful if you aren’t tech-savvy and if you own one fiddling around with it can be risky.

Razer’s goal is to simplify things by offering a PC with a modular design that allows users to install graphics cards, hard drives, disc drives and even touch screens quick and easy. It’s like Legos, only sexier and your work is rewarded with something you can play video games on.

I’d say the only immediate downside to this concept is the possibility that said modules will need to be purchased from Razer. If that isn’t a problem for you, feel free to get familiar with Christine after the break.

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